Ken looks hurt and worried on Corrie; inset, soap logo (Credit: ITV/Composite: ED!)

Coronation Street spoilers: Ken rushed to hospital and told he needs round-the-clock care

Ken takes a tumble

Our Coronation Street spoilers reveal that an ambulance rushes poor Ken Barlow to hospital after he takes a fall at home. But will Ken be okay?

And how will his pride cope when he learns that he now requires round-the-clock care and supervision?

Read our Coronation Street spoilers for this storyline in full below.

Coronation Street: Bobby looks worried at Ken's door
Bobby is worried after not being able to rouse Ken at home (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Ken takes a fall

As the week begins, Stu is celebrating his birthday with drinks. At the party, Bobby apologises to Ken for getting Daniel into trouble with the police over Lauren’s murder.

While they talk, Bobby notices that Ken seems unsteady on his feet. Starting to feel unwell, Ken heads off home.

Coronation Street's Ken is at the bottom of the stairs unwell
Poor Ken has collapsed at the bottom of the stairs (Credit: ITV)

Worried about Ken, Bobby pays him a visit at home to check in on him. He knocks on the door and, when there’s no reply, peeks through the letterbox.

He’s shocked when he sees Ken lying at the bottom of the stairs, hurt. Panicked, Bobby calls an ambulance.

Paramedics rush Ken to hospital – but will he be okay?

Bobby looks through the letterbox in Coronation Street
Seeing Ken hurt, Bobby calls an ambulance (Credit: ITV)

Ken’s pride takes a bruising

While Bobby returns home from the hospital to collect Ken’s things, Daniel and Steve visit Ken in hospital. Proud Ken is dismayed when the doctors tell him that he will need round-the-clock care while he recovers from his fall.

Later, Steve visits Ken. He tells him that the family will pull together and be there for him.

Ken Barlow in Corrie in a hospital bed looking unhappy
Ken is shaken by his sudden loss of independence (Credit: ITV)

As Steve continues to reassure Ken that he’ll get all the care he needs to keep him safe in his own home, Ken forces a smile. He’s terrified he’s losing his independence. Can they find a solution to help everyone?

And will his pride recover from his great fall?

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