Coronation Street spoilers comp image: Gemma, Ryan, Lauren

Coronation Street spoilers for next week: First look as Gemma is accused of poisoning Joseph

Chesney is upset when his son is rushed to hospital for real

Coronation Street spoilers for next week see Joseph taken to hospital. He’s then diagnosed with poisoning and the finger is firmly pointed at Gemma. Did she do it?

Meanwhile, Lauren is playing games with Max and Sabrina, and Ryan gets an offer he can’t refuse. But how will he tell Leanne?

All this and more in next week’s Coronation Street spoilers.

Coronation Street spoilers for next week

1. Gemma storms out

Joseph tells Gemma he’s not well, but she doesn’t believe him after overreacting last time. But then Chesney’s called out of work to collect his poorly son.

Chesney is annoyed with Gemma for not realising Joseph was ill and sending him to school. He then suggests she’s not coping.

Upset Gemma takes offence at what he’s saying. She brands herself a terrible mum and storms out.

2. Joseph poisoned

With Joseph still unwell Gemma gives him lavender tea to help him feel better on Bernie’s advice. But soon Joseph collapses.

Horrified Ches calls an ambulance and Joseph is taken to hospital. Chesney and Gemma are worried sick. The doctor then reveals Joseph has been poisoned.

3. Gemma under suspicion

The Winter/Brown family enjoying Christmas on Corrie

Dev, Bernie, Billy, Gemma and Paul celebrate an early Christmas. The lunch is in full swing and the quads are having a great time too.

Chesney and Joseph stand with a social worker, talking to Gemma

But then Chesney and Joseph arrive with a child protection officer who wants to question Gemma. Gemma is distraught when it’s suggested she poisoned Joseph on purpose.

4. Sabrina challenges Lauren

Lauren gives Max an expensive watch to thank him, but Sabrina’s unhappy with the gift. She tells Lauren it was too much and she needs to stop playing games.

5. Lauren accused

Shona talks to Bernie on Corrie

When £80 goes missing at Roy’s Rolls, Shona is suspicious of Lauren and how she bought the watch. Lauren is annoyed when Shona suspends her and tells her she doesn’t need the job as she has a rich boyfriend…

6. Ryan moves on

Ryan talking to Crystal on Corrie

Crystal invites Ryan to a new bar in town later and he’s thrilled. He’s then forced to cover in front of Leanne when he gets a job offer.

More Coronation Street spoilers

7. Ed sweats as Sarge arrives

Grandad Sarge arrives early and Ronnie insists they go for a family meal. The Baileys gather at the Bistro, but Ed is secretly panicking about paying.

He’s taken out a payday loan, but loses it all on a bet. Meanwhile, Sarge makes digs about Ed’s business brain.

Dee-Dee explains to Joel that Grandad Sarge thinks they lost the house because of a bad business decision, hence his comments. She reveals it was in fact her dad’s gambling and Joel is uneasy.

8. Nina tries to fit in in Coronation Street spoilers

Nina looks on while Asha sits with her friends on Corrie

Nina agrees to lunch at Speed Daal with Asha and her colleagues. Asha bigs her up explaining Nina is a budding fashion designer, but will it ease the tension?

9. George offers advice to Liam

George can see Liam is being bullied and opens up about his own experiences in a bid to help. Gary is later concerned when George tells him what’s been going on.

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