Nick and Toyah on Coronation Street, both looking worried (Credit: ITV/Composite: ED!)

Coronation Street spoilers: Nick and Toyah give into their passion and sleep together

Nick and Toyah fall into each other's arms... and bed

Our Coronation Street spoilers reveal that, as Leanne grows ever-more entangled with Rowan and the Institute, a frustrated Nick and Toyah give into temptation and sleep together.

But how will Toyah react when Rowan attempts to blackmail her?

Read our Coronation Street spoilers for this storyline in full below.

Coronation Street: George carries baby Rose's coffin to the hearse as Toyah follows behind and Leanne looks sombre
Toyah and the family prepare to lay baby Rose to rest (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Toyah confronts Rowan

It’s the week of baby Rose’s funeral, and Leanne announces that she intends to pay for it out of her savings. Outside the undertakers, George places Rose’s coffin in the hearse.

Spotting Rowan spying on them from across the road, Toyah storms over and gives him a shove. Furious, she orders him to stay away, while Leanne watches in horror.

After the funeral, Leanne admits that Rowan actually paid for the funeral, as she didn’t have the savings. Bombshell dropped, Leanne heads out, leaving Nick in a state of despair.

Meanwhile, Toyah confronts Rowan. She tells him that she’s going to do everything she can to expose him. In spite of all his bluster, Rowan is left shaken.

Toyah in Corrie is furious to see Rowan at Rose's funeral as Leanne and Nick hold her back
Toyah has some choice words for smug Rowan (Credit: ITV)

Nick and Toyah take it to the bedroom

Back at home, Toyah finds Nick alone. He apologises for Leanne’s behaviour, and she breaks down. As Nick takes her in his arms, the pair kiss passionately.

However, they are both unaware that a man is watching them intently from the derelict builder’s yard opposite.

Is Nick and Toyah’s secret to be a short-lived one?

Leanne and Rowan host an Institute event at the bistro in Coronation Street
Rowan hosts an Institute gathering at the Bistro (Credit: ITV)

Rowan sets an ultimatum

As Leanne meets Rowan for an upload session, Nick and Toyah feel guilty about their afternoon of sex. They agree that it mustn’t happen again and that they should stay out of each other’s way as much as possible.

However, a spiralling turn of events sees Toyah tell Nick that they’ve no choice but to come clean to Leanne. As Rowan holds a meeting in the Bistro, he corners Toyah and hands her a copy of an NDA – suggesting she signs it.

Toyah tells smug Rowan he can't blackmail her in Coronation Street
Rowan attempts to blackmail Toyah (Credit: ITV)

When Toyah tells him that she intends to come clean, Rowan points out that finding out would destroy Leanne. He tells her that he’d be happy to pick up the pieces though.

Afterwards, Rowan makes a speech, announcing that Leanne has been promoted to level 5. As the Institute faithful clap and cheer, Leanne basks in their glory.

Nick and Toyah look on, disgusted. But will the truth come out and make things even worse?

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