Coronation Street's Bobby, and in a bubble is Ken

Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Bobby calls an ambulance for unwell Ken

Bobby comes to Ken's aid

In Coronation Street spoilers tonight (Monday, June 10), Bobby peers through Ken’s letterbox and soon sees him lying at the bottom of the stairs.

He then rings for an ambulance as Ken is rushed to hospital in a worrying turn of events.

But, what’s wrong with Ken and will he be okay in Coronation Street spoilers?

Bobby looks through the letterbox in Coronation Street
Bobby helps Ken (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Ken is rushed to hospital

Over drinks for Stu’s birthday, Bobby tries to do his best at apologising to Ken and Daniel for the mess he made for their family.

With Ken losing his balance, he decides to go home early as he doesn’t feel 100%.

Going to check on Ken later but not getting an answer, Bobby looks through his letterbox and finds him lying at the bottom of the stairs.

Bobby then calls for an ambulance before returning to Carla’s flat to collect his things. Will Ken be okay?

Toyah looks upset as Kit arrives to arrest her in Coronation Street
Toyah receives some yellow roses (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Rowan messes with Toyah’s mind

Toyah receives some yellow roses tonight and realises that they’re from Rowan, meaning that he must’ve reported her to the police.

Leanne then admits that she told Rowan. Nick then gives Leanne an ultimatum – she must cut ties with Rowan and the Institute or their relationship is over. Which will Leanne choose?

George, Mary, Rita, Glenda, Jenny and Debbie look unsure in the Rovers
Can the siblings make it up? (Credit: ITV)

Glenda and George are still tense

Glenda sneaks Michael out of the pub after he stayed the night.

Later on, Dee-Dee tells George that a mediator could help both himself and Glenda save money.

Mary informs Glenda about Dee-Dee’s advice as Debbie offers to mediate…

Sometime later, Glenda sees Michael in the ginnel and kisses him on the lips before taking him to the Rovers.

Carla looks annoyed at DS Swain in Coronation Street
Lisa asks about her daughter’s work experience (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Lisa Swain visits Carla

DS Lisa Swain turns up at the factory and asks Carla when her daughter can start her work experience at the factory.


ED Coronation Street WhatsApp call to action advert

Paul can’t use his stairlift anymore (Credit: ITV)

Paul deteriorates further

Tonight, Paul and Billy go to Paul’s appointment with the MND nurse and receive the bad news that Paul’s neck muscles have weakened more.

This means that he won’t be able to use his stairlift anymore. How will Paul take the news?

Abi and Kevin in Corrie look unimpressed with Craig's news
Abi’s on a mission (Credit: ITV)

Abi remains hopeful

Abi’s determined to track down the person behind the deep fake videos and suggests hiring a computer professional to find the troll’s real IP address. Will she find the culprit?

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