Teddy confronts Stephen in Coronation Street, Todd learns Laurence’s past secrets

Will Teddy be killed before he can reveal the truth to Jenny?

Coronation Street spoilers tonight have revealed that, as Teddy confronts Stephen about what he learned in Canada, a freak accident strikes.

Will Teddy be killed?

And, in other Coronation Street spoilers tonight, Todd uncovers some new information about Laurence’s past.

But what does Todd learn?

Meanwhile, Summer is forced to face Billy when he comes calling for her about the surrogacy.

Elsewhere, Peter disappoints Carla.

Read our Coronation Street spoilers for tonight’s episode below.

Teddy talks angrily to Stephen on Corrie
Teddy reveals to Stephen what he learned in Canada (Credit: ITV)

Teddy killed as he confronts Stephen?

As the week continues, Jenny reveals that Teddy will be dropping by to discuss what he found out in Canada.

Stephen is filled with dread.

His day continues to worsen as Adam tells him that he has been contacted by Six Fellas.

However, Adam reveals that Six Fellas are ready to settle out of court.

Stephen wonders whether his luck might finally be changing for the better.

Later, Teddy heads to the Rovers, clearly the worse for wear.

When Stephen catches him, Teddy tells him that Leo never arrived in Canada.

He knows that the texts ‘Leo’ sent came from Weatherfield.

He is ready to tell the news to Jenny.

But, as Teddy crosses the street, he is hit by a van.

Teddy lies unconscious in the road.

But is he dead?

Stephen looks shocked and horrified on Coronation Street
Stephen is shocked as Teddy is run down in front of him (Credit: ITV)

Todd uncovers information about Laurence’s past

Following his making a pass at Laurence, Todd apologises to Sean.

However, he insists that their flirting was mutual.

Sean loses his temper at Todd.

Later, Laurence confides that it’s the anniversary of wife Lindsay’s death.

He says that he still feels guilty for marrying her in the first place, and must buy her parents some flowers.

Later, Todd finds Mary and Rita gossiping about the death of Laurence’s wife.

They mention what big news it was at the time.

Todd is intrigued.

Rita and Mary gossip in the Rovers while Todd looks on, interested on Corrie
Todd overhears some interesting gossip about Laurence in the pub (Credit: ITV)

Billy confronts Summer about the surrogacy

Touched by Mike and Esther‘s kindness towards her, Summer says that she’s prepared to talk to their solicitor about surrogacy.

She is shocked when Billy arrives at the house.

He says that he’s received a call from Esther.

What will he make of Summer’s latest decision?

Peter lets Carla down

Meanwhile, Carla is left disappointed by Peter.

He lets her down when he reveals that he’s agreed to work on New Year’s Eve.

How will Carla react?

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