Coronation Street's Toyah, and in a bubble is Freddie

Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Toyah loses control as Freddie is held hostage

Toyah smashes up a car

In Coronation Street spoilers tonight (Monday, April 22), Toyah goes out to find Freddie after he goes missing but gets distracted after bumping into some sleuths in the park.

She then picks up a shovel and smashes up their car in a moment of pure rage.

But, what gets Toyah so worked up and angry in Coronation Street spoilers?

Anwen and Sam look happy to be playing chess in Coronation Street
Sam fails to keep hold of Freddie (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Freddie goes missing

Sam walks Freddie the Dog before school but soon goes back to tell Nina that Freddie ran away.

Nina and Toyah rush out to search for the missing dog as Evelyn stays in the café. However, they’re soon shocked when they find a video online revealing that sleuths have taken the dog.

They’ll only return Freddie back home in one piece if Roy confesses to killing Lauren!

Toyah looks purposeful with a shovel in Corrie
Toyah loses it (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Toyah smashes up a car

This evening, Leanne tells Rowan that Toyah’s negativity is affecting her. He then advises her to distance herself from her.

With Freddie the Dog missing, Toyah goes looking for him in the park but spots some sleuths digging up a rose bed. They think that Lauren’s body might be there.

Toyah’s livid and grabs a shovel, smashing up the sleuths’ car whilst being filmed. Nick arrives and takes an emotional Toyah back home.

As Toyah has a go at Sam for losing Freddie, the police soon arrive to speak with her.

After this conversation, she then heads to the shop and buys a single, yellow rose before making out to Joel that it’s for Leanne…

Dee-Dee and Joel lean in for a kiss in Corrie
Joel tries to get Dee-Dee back (Credit: ITV)

Joel tries to kiss Dee-Dee

Tonight, Joel tells Michael that he really wants to win Dee-Dee back round and make another go of things in the future but he knows he did wrong.

He then speaks with Dee-Dee and thanks her for meeting his daughter with him, proceeding to try to kiss her. Will Dee-Dee take Joel back?


ED Coronation Street WhatsApp call to action advert

Todd looks shifty in Coronation Street
Todd has his eyes on the prize (Credit: ITV)

Todd butters George up

George tells Eileen that he’s updating his will. Glenda livid after hearing that he wants Eileen to take power of attorney.

Later on, Eileen heads to the undertakers and is suspicions when Todd butters George up with some tea and biscuits. What is Todd up to?

Aadi has an idea for Amy (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Aadi inspires Amy

Aadi suggests that Amy applies for a position on the student radio station and uses it to highlight her women’s charity work. Could this idea prove to be successful?

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