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Coronation Street viewers’ unexpected reaction to child abuse story

Some fans have found themselves on 'Team Beth'

Fans of Coronation Street have reacted unexpectedly to the show’s child abuse story as it continued to play out this week.

Recent developments saw Fiz and Tyrone learn that daughter Hope had been telling the truth about being slapped by Beth.

As the truth finally came to light, some fans were conflicted about how much blame Beth should be proportioned.

Coronation Street's Beth is looking furious as she confronts Hope
Beth slapped Hope after she told a dangerous lie about Peanut the dog (Credit: ITV)

Fiz and Tyrone learn the truth about the slap

Beth slapped Hope after the youngster tried to frame Kirk’s beloved dog, Peanut, for biting her.

Hope told her parents about the slap, but no-one believed her.

However, when she flinched from Fiz during an argument, her parents came to realise that Hope had been telling the truth.

Furious Fiz confronted Beth.

In last night’s episode, Beth wrote a letter of apology to Hope.

However, viewers found themselves conflicted by the events playing out on screen.

Many Corrie fans admitted that they sympathised with Beth in her slapping Hope.

Fiz and Tyrone look angry on Coronation Street
Fiz and Tyrone were horrified to learn that Hope had been telling the truth (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street fans air support for Beth

Writing on Twitter, viewers shared their support for Beth, highlighting Hope‘s history of bad behaviour.

Others noted that, had Hope’s Peanut lie been believed, the dog could have been killed.

“Am I really naughty to think Beth was right to give that nasty little madam a clout? Poor Peanut nearly went to the farm!” Exclaimed one fan.

“I’m Team Beth anyway, Hope needed a good slap,” said another.

“I’d give Beth a medal for slapping that little cow,” another fan wrote.

“Is it weird that I’m on Beth’s side a little bit?” asked a fourth.

Disappointed Kirk reels from Beth revelation

While viewers may be conflicted about their reaction to the slap, Beth faces immediate fallout from her actions.

Fiz and Tyrone were furious to learn what Beth had done.

Her actions could also lead to the collapse of her relationship with Kirk.

Kirk was horrified to learn that Beth had struck Hope.

In her letter to Hope, Beth was sorry.

But is there any way back from her after this?

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