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Coronation Street: Where IS Aggie Bailey? Baffling absence after son Michael’s near-death brush explained

The greatest mystery of this decade

Last night on Coronation Street (Wednesday, January 24), Michael’s life was on the line as he found himself trapped in a fire.

Ed rushed to save Michael after hearing him screaming for help from the burning builder’s yard site.

However, Coronation Street fans have become more concerned about Aggie Bailey’s whereabouts during these scenes.

Ed rescued Michael (Credit: ITV)

Michael was caught in a blaze

Yesterday, the builder’s yard site caught on fire which caused great alarm for Michael Bailey.

He’d gone inside of the yard in the hope of rescuing his dad, Ed, who he believed to be inside.

Ed wasn’t actually inside but was concerned when he heard Michael crying out for help.

Damon helped Ed force open the door so that he could run inside and rescue his son. Michael then went to the hospital after inhaling lots of smoke.

It wasn’t long after this that Craig suggested that Ed had caused the fire on purpose, accusing him of committing arson so that he could claim on the insurance.

Aggie hasn’t been seen since June 2023 (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: The disappearance of Aggie Bailey confuses fans

You’d think that with Ed gambling away all of the family’s money, with the bailiffs having taken all of the tools from the builder’s yard, and with Michael almost dying in the fire, that Aggie would’ve made an appearance on the cobbles.

However, in one of the greatest soap mysteries ever to exist, Aggie remains nowhere to be seen. In fact, she hasn’t been seen on the soap since June 2023.


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Now, fans are all baffled as to why she’s not appeared to support her family during these tough times.

One Coronation Street fan asked: “Why isn’t Aggie at the hospital?????”

Another viewer complained: “Aggie not being with her family is becoming more and more stupid as the weeks go on now. Kill her off if she can’t be in the show. Or, better still, write the whole family out.”

A third viewer wondered: “Really though, where is Aggie? Hope the actor who plays her is okay.”

Aggie’s never around (Credit: ITV)

Where is Aggie in Coronation Street?

Ed phoned Aggie last night and told her about Michael, explaining that he was in the hospital but was alright.

However, Aggie remains absent from the soap – it seems that nothing can draw her back to the cobbles.

She’s currently said to be looking after a sick Aunt in Birmingham. But, what’s the real reason Aggie hasn’t been present in scenes where her family needs her the most?

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Michael Gets TRAPPED In A Fire And Can't Escape | Coronation Street

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