Carla and Peter’s reunion on Corrie threatened by Nick’s return

Is a cat about to come amongst the pigeons?

It’s the reunion a squadron of Corrie fans have been dreaming of… When Carla Connor and Peter Barlow finally ‘recouple’.

And it’s been looking pretty likely recently.

But there’s a dark cloud on the horizon for anyone hoping for a drama-free reunion, as Nick Tilsley is on his way back to Weatherfield.

The chemistry is undeniable (Credit: ITV)

And actress Alison King, who plays Carla, admits it’s going to throw a massive spanner in the works.

(We’re not rubbing our hands together in glee, honestly!)

Next week, Carla is forced to lean on Peter when she needs to quickly get hold of some cash to pay off Alya Nazir – who is now willing to strike a fair deal to hand over the factory.

When Carla struggles to come up with the cash on her own, Peter offers to be her investor and clearly relishes saving the day when she eventually agrees.

Carla and Peter: Will they ever get back together? (Credit: ITV)

And it’s obvious that the spark is still there between the former lovers.

In a new interview with Digital Spy, actress Alison discussed why her character and Peter keep being drawn back together again.

She said: “I think essentially they just love each other and it’s a very kind relationship under the surface, no matter what has gone on. Even when they say they hate each other, they actually know that they don’t.

“That is something in their chemistry – it isn’t something they can do anything about, because they have similarities.”

However, she added that the pair are “better apart”.

The actress, 45, also revealed that the return of Nick is about to complicate things even further.

Discussing the impact his return will have on Carla and Peter – Parla, anyone? – Alison mused: “It will be interesting to find out, I hope it does have an impact.

“Nick was the love of her life and he was the calm one. He is the calm grown up, the one that would have been good for her, and then there is Peter who couldn’t be more different. There is a lot there to be explored.”

Nick (played by Footballers Wives’ star Ben Price) has been off-screen for more than a year.

He left Weatherfield after a near-death quicksand experience – where he was actually saved by love rival Peter – rattled him so much he needed to get away.

His emotional goodbye with mum Gail left viewers in tears, before he got into his car and drove off, passing a shocked Leanne Battersby on his way.

In the months preceding his departure, Nick had become increasingly jealous as his girlfriend Leanne began to bond with Steve McDonald (who is the father of her baby Oliver).

A source recently told The Sun that “producers are currently coming up with a bombshell way for Nick to come back to Weatherfield”.

Carla’s wedding to Nick was ruined by her one night stand with Robert Preston.

He then reunited with ex-wife Leanne, but the alliance was short-lived when he realised the relationship wouldn’t work.

So who will Nick reconnect with on his return later this year?

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Helen Fear
TV Editor

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