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‘It isn’t going to end well for her!’ says Coronation Street star Sue Nicholls as Audrey confronts Stephen tonight

Is the Weatherfield icon in danger as she uncovers son Stephen's murderous crimes?

Coronation Street’s Audrey Roberts has been in the dark about son Stephen’s murderous antics up until now.

But in tonight’s exciting episode of the soap, everyone starts to suspect Stephen is involved in some pretty dark deeds.

And his devoted mum, Audrey, finds out he’s stolen the equity in her house!

We caught up with Corrie legend Sue Nicholls, who plays Audrey, to find out what she thinks about her alter ego finding out the truth!

Audrey is in for a shock
Audrey is in for a shock! (Credit: Danielle Baguley/ITV)

Shocks in store!

So is it all a big shock to poor Audrey?

“She hasn’t had any doubts about Stephen at all, that is what is so hard for her hearing all these things that he has supposedly done,” explains Sue.

“She’s so wrapped up with being so proud of him. She has been caught up in the fact that he has led such a glamorous life and she has boasted about him to everyone. How can she possibly believe what people are saying about him? But she has to listen to what Sarah is saying about the equity in the house. Sarah had told her it was a scam when all along she knew Stephen had taken the money and now she has come clean to Audrey, it is very upsetting for her as this is the second time her family have conned her out of money.”

It can’t be easy for Audrey to hear the truth. And it’s even harder when Stephen starts to blame his mum for his bad behaviour – blaming her for giving up him when she had him as a teenager.

“She was very young when she had him and she was forced to give him up by her father and she has regretted it every day of her life, but she had no choice,” Sue tells us. “It wasn’t acceptable to be a single mum in those days. That is why she makes such a fuss of him and in her eyes he can do no wrong. She is trying to make up for what she did. Their relationship is very complex in that respect.”

Audrey confronts Stephen
Audrey accuses Stephen of stealing her house. How will Stephen respond? (Credit: Danielle Baguley/ITV)

Money troubles!

Of course it’s not just Stephen’s bad money management that’s got him in trouble. What we all know – but Audrey is yet to discover – is that Stephen is very dangerous.

And in this evening’s episode, the glamorous great granny goes to confront her son.

The Platts look for Audrey
The Platts are horrified when they go to the flat and find Audrey isn’t there! (Credit: Danielle Baguley/ITV)

Confrontation Street!

So what happens when she arrives at the flat to find Stephen in a tussle with Peter Barlow?

“She hears Peter being very aggressive to Stephen and in typical Audrey fashion she tells him to shut up,” explains Sue. “Stephen is relieved  she turned up. But then she makes it very clear she has a come for answers and knows about the money.”

And as you can imagine, Stephen doesn’t react well to being accused. In fact, that’s when he starts to blame poor Audrey for all his crimes.

“He says that he has always felt abandoned and has always felt the need to prove himself,” Sue reveals. “Audrey tries to explain but those words are going to really hit her hard in the coming weeks. He has been very cruel, knowing what he has done and that the truth will come out about that and knowing that he has landed all that guilt on his mother. But she is determined to make him hear her out. She won’t allow him to leave the flat.”

Gail is worried Audrey's in danger
Gail fears for her mum’s life when she spots blood in the flat (Credit: Danielle Baguley/ITV)

Is Audrey in danger?

Audrey stops Stephen from leaving, blocking his way out of the flat. Which of course, puts her right in harm’s way. But does she understand the danger she is putting herself in?

“No she just thinks he has conned her out of her money. She doesn’t know he has killed people!” Sue says. “Of course she doesn’t know that the family are now looking for her as they have discovered about the murders and everyone is very frightened for her safety. What they find when they break into the flat makes them even more worried for her safety and they call the police!”

That sounds quite frightening! So was the writing on the wall for Audrey as soon as Stephen showed his murderous side?

“I think we all thought we could be at risk!” laughs Sue. “Actually I still think that what has happened with Stephen could see Audrey off. We are all only on one year contracts so you never know. The aftermath of what happens this week and the confrontation with Stephen does have a profound effect on Audrey. She is a victim in many respects and how will she cope with that?”

Family ties

But she adds that she will miss Todd Boyce, who plays Stephen.

“I absolutely loved working with him, I love Todd. I know I’ll miss him and I’m going to have to stay in touch with him because I have known him for such a very long time.” But she adds that it’s been thrilling to see the public respond to this storyline.

“A villain like Stephen elevates it and gets people engaged. I know they will be gripped this week and worried about Audrey,” says Sue. “And they should be worried! Finding out the truth is not going to end well for her!”

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