EastEnders Stuart Sonia and Kim all get worrying news week 49

EastEnders: All the spoilers you need ahead of next week’s episodes

There's heartbreak for Stuart and Kim

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EastEnders spoilers for December 6-10 reveal Kim is heartbroken by Denise’s betrayal when she finds out the truth about Vincent.

Also, Stuart gets devastating news at the doctors, but who will he turn to for support?

Meanwhile, Liam has a bold new plan – what could go wrong?

All this and more in new EastEnders spoilers.

1. Kim finds out the truth

Phil tells shocked Kim the truth and despite warning Kim not to say anything, she wants to make him pay.

After telling Denise what she knows, Kim later discovers Pearl’s school invoice and realises Denise knew about Phil’s involvement in Vincent’s death.

Although Kim is totally devastated, she puts on a brave face to throw Denise a hen party.

But she can’t keep a lid on her emotions when she overhears Denise and Kat talking.

They are discussing the money Denise now owes Phil.

An upset Kim can’t believe what she’s hearing and she leaves the party.

Will the sisters reconcile?

2. Stuart gets devastating news

Stuart gets a message confirming his doctor’s appointment, but doesn’t tell Rainie.

He later helps Rocky home from hospital with his bags.

Natalie Cassidy as Sonia in EastEnders

But Sonia can see Stuart is acting strangely and she guesses something is wrong…

Stuart visits the doctor to get some answers.

He is left completely stunned when he finds out the truth – he has a lump on his chest that he needs to get checked out.

3. Sonia supports Stuart

Stuart heads to The Vic and begins to drink heavily. Sonia spots him and takes him home.

He tells her what happened at the doctors, but as she tries to help he snaps at her.

The next day Rainie questions why Sonia brought him home last night, but Stuart still refuses to tell his wife what’s going on.

Sonia accompanies Stuart to his next appointment and offers him support

4. Rainie gets suspicious

As Stuart and Sonia return home, Rainie spots them together.

It’s clear they’re sharing a moment and she immediately gets suspicious.

Rainie confronts Stuart and later goes to see Sonia.

But what has Stuart told his wife? Does she finally know the truth?

5. Liam caught out

Tiffany tells Liam about the group of rich customers at her party tonight.

Janine interrupts and secretly tells Liam Jay is onto the scam.

Liam is stunned when Jay says he wants in on it.

Liam tells everyone his idea for one last big job, but will they go for it?

6. Aaron annoyed by Dana’s news

Aaron questions Bobby’s involvement in Christmas as a Muslim, making Bobby feel anxious.

Dana confronts her brother about it, but Aaron is left furious when he finds out she is thinking of converting to Islam.

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