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EastEnders fans ‘work out’ Cindy Beale’s revenge plan as she meets Lucy’s killer

Cindy's not going to be playing happy families, is she?

In last night’s episode of EastEnders (Thursday, August 30), Cindy Beale met Bobby Beale for the first time.

She was horrified as Bobby turned up at the hospital after Gina had overdosed.

EastEnders fans have now ‘worked out’ Cindy Beale’s revenge plan as she meets Lucy’s killer.

EastEnders' Cindy, Ian, Peter and Bobby are at the hospital
Cindy wasn’t pleased to see Bobby (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Cindy and Bobby came face to face

Bobby got a right shock when Cindy turned up at The Vic alongside Ian during Anna’s 21st birthday party.

After seeing Cindy and realising that Lucy Beale’s mum was still alive, Bobby panicked about what this would mean for him.

He was furious with Peter for not warning him about Cindy’s return.

Things were soon made worse when he feared that Anna would hate him now that she knew that he had killed her sister.

After Gina overdosed and was rushed to hospital, Bobby joined Peter in A&E and came face to face with Cindy.

Cindy tried to act calm as she said hello to Bobby but once he left she told Ian that he made her blood run cold.

EastEnders' Bobby is looking awkward at the hospital
Fans reckon that Cindy is plotting against Bobby (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans ‘work out’ Cindy revenge plan for Bobby

Some EastEnders fans reckon that Cindy is secretly planning her revenge against Bobby.

They think that there’s no way she’ll just tolerate him after knowing that he killed Lucy.

One fan suspected: “Does anyone else suspect Cindy is quietly plotting revenge on Bobby?? That killer glare from her to him as she chased after Anna!”


Another person commented: “Would be quite happy if Cindy chose to take revenge and killed Bobby”

A third fan tweeted: “Cindy wants revenge on Bobby and you can’t blame her. This poor Bobby narrative is nonsense. Cindy’s daughter is dead of course the mother is angry. Cindy will play the long game but she is coming for Bobby probably before the year’s over.”

Cindy looks emotional on return to EastEnders
Is Cindy plotting something? (Credit: BBC)

Is Cindy planning her revenge?

Cindy knew what she was potentially getting into when she got back with Ian. She would likely have to face Bobby at some point.

But, has she been planning her revenge all along? Is she plotting something huge? Does Bobby need to watch out?

And, who will protect Bobby from Cindy? Could Jane return to save him from Cindy’s wrath?

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