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EastEnders: Elaine asks Linda to do whatever it takes to stop George from going to prison

Linda is put in a difficult position

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In EastEnders spoilers tonight (Wednesday, November 22), Elaine asks Linda to do the unthinkable in a bid to get George off the hook.

After Dean’s accident, Elaine will do anything to make sure that George doesn’t go to prison.

But, will Linda agree to help her mum and George out in EastEnders spoilers?

Linda is faced with a difficult decision (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Elaine asks a lot of Linda

After Dean’s accident, George worries that he’s going to end up in prison for pushing him.

Tonight, Elaine asks Linda to say whatever she has to in order for George to remain a free man.

But, what is Elaine asking of Linda? And, will Linda agree to do as Elaine wants?

Phil promises to give Camillo the money (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Phil protects Sam

After her return to Walford, Sam wakes up at Billy’s whilst feeling sorry for herself.

Phil makes it clear that he won’t be handing his money over to Sam but things change when Sam’s grabbed by the arm by Camillo outside.

Kat notices that Sam’s actually in serious trouble and informs Phil and Billy. They soon come face to face with Camillo who is threatening to harm Sam.

Fearing for his sister’s safety, Phil agrees to give Camillo the £100k that Sam owes him. But, will Sam owe Phil anything in return?

Suki opens up to Vinny about her plans (Credit: BBC)

Suki plans to leave Walford

As Suki and Nish argue over the Minute Mart, Eve picks up on the tension. Suki then asks Eve if she can have a moment to talk to her.

Eve listens as Suki reveals that Vinny will no longer stand in their way. However, Eve tells her that she’s with Tessa now and doesn’t want to go back to hiding away anymore.

Wanting a fresh start, Suki later reveals her plan to leave Nish and get out of Walford to Vinny. But, will he tell anyone about her idea?

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