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EastEnders fan theory predicts Dean Wicks’ return and Christmas demise

Could Dean be the dead guy?

Last night in EastEnders (Tuesday, September 5), Theo trapped Stacey in her kitchen and then started bringing up her past.

He said that she’d dated men that were much worse than him, bringing up Dean Wicks’ name.

Now, a new EastEnders fan theory suggests that this wasn’t coincidental and that Dean could soon return to Walford – and die at Christmas.

EastEnders' Theo is angry
Theo brought up Dean’s name (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Theo mentioned Dean Wicks

Last night, Theo trapped Stacey in the kitchen whilst she was going to get some towels for Lily.

He’d taken the key to the back door and had managed to re-enter the house despite the front door being bolted.

Stacey was terrified as Theo said his piece, soon bringing up Stacey’s past. He’d told her that he was a much better man than any of her previous exes.

Scaring Stacey, Theo then mentioned the likes of Dean Wicks and Kheerat Panesar.

When Stacey asked him how he knew about her previous relationships, Theo told her that he’d spoken to people who’d given him the information. He knew everything about her.

Luckily for Stacey, Eve and Martin then burst in the room and dealt with Theo, kicking him out of the house.

EastEnders' Dean Wicks
A new fan theory predicts a brief return for Dean (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fan theory: Dean Wicks to return and die?

Now that Theo’s brought up Stacey’s history with Dean Wicks, a new fan theory suggests that he could soon return to the soap just to be killed off at Christmas.

The fan theory suggests that this could be the link between Linda and the Christmas body.

One fan predicted: “The Six prediction. Dean is going to be the body at Christmas. We know from the flash forward that Shirley’s staying with Dean. Theo mentioned Dean to Stacey, which is weird. I believe in order to follow the ‘rules of story’ it has to be someone mentioned in THAT ep.”


Another fan added to the theory and wrote: “Theo mentioning Dean Wicks is deffo a nod to the Christmas murder – reminding us all of the connection”

EastEnders flash-forward scene with Suki, Kathy, Stacey, Denise, Sharon and Linda in The Vic alongside a dead body
Will Dean die at Christmas? (Credit: BBC)

Will Dean Wicks be the Christmas body?

Dean was mentioned by Theo last night and nothing is ever mentioned just for the fun of it when it comes to soap.

But, could Dean make a return to Walford? Could Linda get her revenge on her rapist? Will Dean die at Christmas?

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