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EastEnders fans beg BBC soap to keep Bianca Jackson in Walford

Should she stay?

Bianca Jackson is back in Walford – and she’s made her presence felt once again in her own, ahem, ‘unique’ way.

As well as assaulting everyone’s eyes with her offensively loud wardrobe choices, she’s also brought with her a hint of danger in the shape of handsome stranger Leo King.

Yes he’s seriously good looking, but is Leo dangerous? (Credit: BBC)

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The feisty female has got a lot of bridges to build with her daughter Tiffany, and some fans also need convincing.

But there’s a growing army of viewers who desperately want the redhead to stay in Albert Square for good!

Writing on Digital Spy Forums, one typed: “Dear EastEnders. Throw some money at Patsy Palmer. Bianca’s return over the past couple of weeks has got to be one of those most natural fits to the show for years.

“She has seamlessly slipped back into character and shown how well she suits the show.”

Tiffany is still angry at her mother for leaving her when she needed her the most (Credit: BBC)

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They continued: “I loathed the end of her last stint. It was a repetitive cycle of Bianca crying over not being able to feed her kids, whilst going to prison. However the last week she has been beyond fabulous. Get her back!”

Another agreed, writing: “I don’t want her to leave. And I’ve never been a Bianca fan. Don’t goooooooooo.”

A third added: “Patsy has been brilliant. It’s as if Bianca has never been away. I would love her to return.”

“Ah, she’s ruddy brilliant,” said one more fan. “Her scenes with Tiff tonight, and with Sonia, were just lovely.

“She’s exactly what you’d expect Bianca to be a few years or so down the line. The same, but different. Lock the doors and don’t let her leave. We love you Bianca.”

Bianca came back in time for Whitney’s ill-fated wedding (Credit: BBC)

Actress Patsy now lives in LA with her family and has previously spoken about the gruelling soap filming – but can she be persuaded?

Patsy originally played Bianca from 1993 until 1999, before returning in 2008 with her children Liam, Tiffany, Morgan, and her stepdaughter, Whitney.

She left again in 2014 to live in Milton Keynes with her new boyfriend Terry, his two children TJ and Rosie, and her children, Tiffany and Morgan.

Her eldest son Liam stayed and eventually went to live in Germany with his dad, Ricky.

Terry returned briefly in 2015 to pick up his granddaughter, TJ’s daughter Beth, who he had with Cindy.

Tiffany returned permanently last year after running away from home and has stayed in Albert Square since.

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Helen Fear
TV Editor

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