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EastEnders fans demand ‘forgotten’ storylines need explaining including Libby Fox’s existence

It's like they never existed...

Currently in Walford, EastEnders storylines have been heavily focusing on ‘The Six’ in the aftermath of Keanu Taylor’s death.

Other storylines on screen include George’s ‘farming’ discovery and Whitney’s fostering journey.

However, EastEnders fans have now complained online that the soap has ‘forgotten’ other key aspects.

George on the phone in EastEnders
Eddie’s on trial for killing George’s biological dad (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Storylines on screen in early 2024

At the moment, one key storyline on screen is George’s ‘farming’ storyline, with George discovering that his adoptive parents – Gloria and Eddie – were paid to bring him up.

Adding to this, his racist father is currently on trial for the murder of George’s biological dad.

In other storylines, Denise has been having hallucinations of Keanu as ‘The Six’ try to stop her from blabbing about Keanu’s death.

And, Zack and Whitney’s relationship is on the line as Whitney puts youngster Britney before her family in Walford.

With these storylines playing out though, fans have noticed that other aspects of the soap are in need of more attention…

EastEnders' Libby Fox is serious
Does Libby even know about Denise? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans blast soap for neglecting key past storylines

Taking to social media, fans of the BBC soap have pointed out a series of ‘forgotten’ storylines that require an explanation or need addressing.

One concerned EastEnders fan commented: “Has anyone told Libby that Denise is in the hospital?”

Highlighting another ‘forgotten’ storyline, another fan shared: “Linda’s ownership of the salon: Linda invested in the salon a few years ago. Of course there’s a lot going on with Denise and Linda (to say the least!) but seeing as the characters have been brought together, and with the salon presumably closed at the moment, we could have had reference to it!”

A third person added: “We never actually found out when and how Cindy made contact with Ian. Ian left the Square in 2021, dumping his phone in a bin and entering Walford East Tube Station. Then we saw him lurking at Dot’s funeral, before receiving a phone call (which we now know was from Cindy) and disappearing again. Then he’s selling baguettes in France with Cindy by his side. There are a lot of gaps that need filling.”

Another fan wondered about the appearance of Billy’s dad at Dot’s funeral which was never mentioned again. A fifth person also noted that Ben’s eating disorder storyline seemed to suddenly vanish.

And, the one question on everyone’s lips is… what happened to Jasper the Parrot? Is he still living with Kathy? Where is he? Will fans ever get the answers they’re looking for?

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