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EastEnders fans predict Bobby may kill again after Anna’s rejection

Could Bobby strike once more?

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Earlier this week in EastEnders (Wednesday, August 30), Bobby was petrified about coming face to face with Cindy.

Taking things out on Ian, Bobby soon feared that Anna would hate him for killing Lucy.

Now, EastEnders fans have predicted a sinister twist – is Bobby going to kill again?

EastEnders' Bobby is talking to Anna
Anna snapped at Bobby (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Bobby struggled as Anna snapped at him

On Wednesday night, Bobby was stunned as he realised that Cindy was alive and had returned to Walford along with his dad.

His world crumbled as he realised that Anna was Cindy’s daughter, meaning that Lucy – who Bobby had killed – was her sister.

Bobby was petrified about Cindy’s reaction to seeing him and worried that Anna would hate him now that she knew that he’d killed her sister. He took his anger out on Ian and Peter, furious that they’d not warned him about Cindy‘s arrival.

Afterwards, Anna headed to Peggy’s with Gina to drown her sorrows whilst Bobby tried to talk to her.

Anna wasn’t in the mood to talk to him though and snapped at him before heading off to the chippy with Freddie.

Whilst at the chippy, Anna then kissed Freddie and told him not to worry about Bobby.

EastEnders' Bobby is crying
Fans reckon that Bobby will spiral (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans predict sinister twist as Bobby kills again?

After seeing Bobby’s friendship with Anna come under pressure as well as Bobby’s reaction to being kept in the dark, fans reckon that he’ll soon spiral out of control.

If he finds out that Anna and Freddie kissed, fans have predicted that Bobby might kill again and finish his best friend off.

One fan suggested: “Plot twist – Bobby kills again (this time at Christmas).”


Another person tweeted: “Ouu Bobby’s gonna kill Freddie too I love it”

A third viewer said: “The episode has me thinking will Bobby Beale strike again with either killing Ian Beale, Peter Beale or Freddie Slater?”

A final person predicted: “Can’t wait to see Bobby go on a rampage”

EastEnders' Bobby is worried
Will Bobby kill another Walford resident? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Will Bobby kill again?

Bobby’s been quite the Mr Nice Guy since Lucy’s death – you wouldn’t think that he killed his half-sister just by looking at him.

However, Bobby’s more than capable of finishing someone off, especially if they anger him. And, there is that Christmas death on the horizon…

But, could Bobby be responsible for it? Could Bobby kill again? And, could his next victim be Freddie?

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Eastenders Bobby and Anna Kiss (23rd August 2023)

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