EastEnders' Scarlett is looking upset and, in a bubble, Shirley is crying

EastEnders fans all saying the same thing about Scarlett after Shirley’s outburst

Fans feel sorry for Janine's daughter

In last night’s EastEnders (Wednesday December 28, 2022), Shirley yelled at Scarlett for not telling her the truth about Janine sooner.

Scarlett apologised to Shirley before being screamed at to “get out.”

EastEnders fan are now rallying round Scarlett after Shirley placed the blame of Mick’s alleged death on her.

EastEnders' Shirley is upset and is crying
Shirley has lost a son (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Shirley is grieving for Mick

EastEnders viewers will know that Christmas Day (Sunday December 25, 2022) was an explosive one.

The truth finally came out about Janine after Jada and Sharon interrupted Christmas Dinner over at The Vic.

Scarlett then told Linda that she wasn’t the one who caused the crash, Janine did.

Janine said that Scarlett was lying and needed a psychiatrist.

Mick believed Scarlett and was desperate to call the police on his wife.

Janine grabbed her passport and jumped in the car, trying to go on the run.

Mick and Linda chased her down.

Soon enough, Linda jumped into Janine’s car and tried to grab the steering wheel.

The car ended up catapulting off a cliff and sinking into river.

Mick swam into the water and saved Janine for the baby’s sake.

Linda managed to free herself but Mick thought that she was still trapped in the car and swam after her.

He never came back up and the emergency services were called but failed to find him.

Shirley and Linda presumed that Mick was dead and are now grieving the loss.

EastEnders' Scarlett is looking up at Ricky with worry
Scarlett’s feeling cut off (Credit: BBC)

Shirley yelled at Scarlett

Last night, Scarlett had a tough time processing both the loss of Mick and the arrest of her mum.

She overheard Martin bringing up Barry and Michael and started asking Ricky questions about Janine.

She then wondered whether Janine’s story was true or whether she had killed Mick.

Later on, Shirley was beating herself up over Mick’s death.

She blamed herself for not getting Scarlett to tell the truth sooner.

Scarlett walked in and apologised to Shirley before telling her that she loved Mick too.

Shirley blamed her for Mick’s death and yelled at her to “get out.”

EastEnders' Scarlett is looking upset
Fans have sided with Scarlett (Credit: BBC)

Fans have rallied round Scarlett

After seeing Shirley rage at Scarlett, EastEnders fans have now rallied round the youngster.

They feel sorry for her after losing her family because of her mum’s lies.

One fan wrote: “Shirley, there was no need to take your anger out on Scarlett. It’s not her fault her mother is evil.”

Another commented: “Shirley, Scarlett is only a kid.”

A third fan tweeted: “Just wanna give Scarlett a hug.”

Another exclaimed: “OMG, Shirley yelling at Scarlett like that. Scarlett will feel terrible.”

A fifth viewer said: “Oh Scarlett, she’s like a lost lamb!!”

Was Shirley right to take things out on Scarlett?

What do you think?

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