EastEnders' Lily is looking emotional and, in a bubble, Stacey is conflicted

EastEnders fans slam soap over handling of Lily Slater’s underage pregnancy

Fans are blaming the soap for failing to inform Lily about the risks of keeping her baby

Last night’s episode of EastEnders (Monday January 23, 2023), saw Lily announce that she would be keeping her baby.

After speaking to Kat and Whitney, Lily confirmed her decision to Stacey and Martin.

Now, fans have slammed the soap over the treatment of Lily’s pregnancy.

EastEnders' Lily is emotional
Lily has decided to keep her baby (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Lily is keeping her baby

Recently, 12-year-old Lily decided that she didn’t want to keep her baby.

However, last night, she changed her mind.

Speaking to Martin and Stacey, Lily accepted that they were only trying to look out for her.

She then told them that they didn’t have to worry.

She would be keeping her baby.

Stacey and Martin were left in shock by Lily’s decision.

With Lily making her decision, fans have now slammed the soap for giving Lily a lack of information about the risks of keeping her baby.

EastEnders' Martin is concerned
Fans are concerned for Lily (Credit: BBC)

Fans have slammed the soap for its treatment of Lily

EastEnders’ fans have slammed the soap for its treatment of Lily.

They think that someone should have informed her about the risks for a 12 year-old keeping a baby.

One fan wrote: “Lily needs to be told exactly what pregnancy is going to do to her body. What giving birth is going to be like. She needs it explained to her in detail, that is the only way she can make a real INFORMED decision.”


Another viewer commented: “Lily’s choice isn’t an informed one.

“No discussion about her lack of development means it could be life threatening to carry to term or give birth. That’s wrong or that Stacey will be the parent doing the raising and paying as Lily won’t be allowed to babysit alone.”

A third EastEnders fan tweeted: “Lily’s not a young teen deciding to keep her baby after having consensual (if ill-advised) sex. She’s TWELVE, well below the age of consent and not old enough to understand the consequences of pregnancy and childbirth. And no one’s explaining it to her either.”

Martin threatens Lily (Credit: BBC)

What’s next for Lily’s storyline?

Tonight (Tuesday January 24, 2023), Martin threatens to tell the Brannings and the police that Ricky Jr is Lily’s baby daddy.

Lily panics and tells Ricky Jr the news.

Ricky Jr struggles to process it and accidentally lets the baby daddy news out to Sam.

Later on, the Brannings and the Slaters rage at each other as they struggle to deal with the pregnancy.

Will Ricky Jr get into trouble with the police?

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Lily is Having Her Baby #eastenders | 23rd January 2023

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