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EastEnders fans threaten to switch off over Keanu scenes

It's over for him and Sharon - but what about Keanu?

Fans of EastEnders have threatened to switch off over Keanu Taylor’s scenes on the soap, having grown tired with his immature behaviour and apparent lack of smarts.

Writing on Reddit, a number of fans discussed less popular characters on the soap, with one viewer wondering who was the show’s biggest turn-offs. Keanu quickly emerged as a frontrunner for least liked.

But what has Keanu done to upset fans so?

Keanu points a finger looking angry on EastEnders
Fans have grown tired of Keanu’s behaviour (Credit: BBC)

Fans threaten to switch off over ‘annoying’ Keanu

Writing on a Reddit forum dedicated to which characters make them stop watching the soap, fans piled on to discuss what made Keanu so unlikable. Many found him to be an insufferable brand of both annoying and ‘thick.’

Keanu is immature, pathetic, annoying and ridiculous as a character. Oh and thick as mince.” said one fan.

“I am her Dad!” No mate, you are her biological father and a stranger,” the fan continued, referring to the recent storyline which has seen Keanu attempting to win back daughter Peggy.

“Keanu just seems to ruin every scene he’s in. I don’t know if he’s a terrible actor or a terrible character, but he’s gotta be relegated to a second – or third – tier character,” another viewer said.

“I was trying to give Keanu’s character a chance, but the writing for him lately is terrible. He’s really going to leave Sharon after all he’s done? That’s dumb and unbelievable,” said a third.

Keanu and Sharon looking angry mid-conversation on EastEnders
It’s been a rough week for Keanu and Sharon (Credit: BBC)

Twitter fans echo Keanu dissatisfaction

Fans on Twitter concurred with this assessment of Keanu, with one fan saying “Sharon can do so much better than Keanu… or whatever his stupid name is.”

“Keanu is a brat,” another said.

But what has Keanu done to become so despised by viewers?

Keanu and Sharon argue on EastEnders
Sharon and Keanu’s relationship is on the rocks (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans slam recent Keanu scenes

Recent episodes saw Lisa Fowler return to Walford, struggling with a gambling addiction. Keanu was determined not to lose daughter Peggy again, and hid Lisa and Peggy’s passports before they could return to Portugal.

However, realising that Keanu was making a massive mistake, Sharon betrayed her lover. She stole back Lisa and Peggy’s passports, and handed them over.

This allowed Lisa to flee the country with Peggy. Heartbroken, Keanu lashed out at Martin, who he initially blamed.

When he discovered what Sharon had done, he called off their impending marriage and the pair apparently ended their relationship. As it stands, Keanu has alienated both Sharon and the soap’s viewers.

Do you agree with the haters?

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