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EastEnders fans ‘work out’ huge Lily baby twist and exit storyline

Will Lily give her baby away?

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In EastEnders earlier this week (Wednesday, September 6), Lily was rather nervous about looking after her baby, Charli.

Whitney visited her at the hospital and showed Lily how to soothe her when she was crying.

EastEnders fans have now ‘worked out’ a huge Lily baby twist and exit storyline.

EastEnders' Lily is in hospital
Lily felt like she was a bad mum (Credit: BBC)

Lily was worried about looking after Charli

At the hospital, Lily kept wanting Stacey to help her look after her baby, Charli. She told her that she was exhausted and feared that was was a bad mum.

As Whitney came to visit, Charli started crying as Lily panicked about how to calm her down. Whitney then picked Charli up and showed Lily how to hold her properly, stopping her from crying.

Lily then held Charli herself after taking some valuable advice and putting it into practice.

EastEnders' Whitney is holding Lily's baby
Fans think that Whitney will leave Walford with baby Charli (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans ‘work out’ huge Lily baby twist and exit

After seeing Whitney hold Charli and after noticing how nervous Lily is to look after her baby, fans have ‘worked out’ a huge Lily baby twist that would also run as Whitney’s exit storyline.

Lily might not want to keep Charli and could give her baby away to Whitney. Whitney and Charli could then leave Walford together.

One fan tweeted: “I think Whitney will end up adopting Charli… that will be her exit storyline”


Another viewer predicted: “This scene. Anyone else think Lily might give her baby to Whitney in the end?”

A third fan wondered: “Reckon the next plot line in EastEnders will be either Whitney adopting Lily’s daughter or becoming obsessed with her and trying to run off with her.”

A final fan suggested: “Theory: as we know Whitney in EastEnders is leaving next year…I think maybe Lily might give Charli to Whitney and then cause Lily can’t cope with her being there Whitney chooses to leave???? Ermm who else thinks this!?!?”

EastEnders' Lily is holding her baby at the hospital
Will Lily give her baby away? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Will Lily give her baby to Whitney?

Lily’s quite unsure about her baby daughter at the moment and we know that Whitney’s leaving the soap soon.

Whitney’s recently lost a baby of her own but will she soon take on baby Charli if Lily no longer wants her? Will Lily give her baby to Whitney? Will Whitney leave Walford with Charli?

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