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EastEnders fan theory: Could Fatboy be Gina Knight’s ex?

Is Fatboy alive?

Recently in EastEnders, Gina returned home from Marbella and was down in the dumps over some troubles with her ex.

She then complained that he had started dating another girl just days after she came to Walford.

A new EastEnders fan theory now suggests that Gina’s ex boyfriend could be Fatboy.

EastEnders' Gina and Anna are standing on the stairs
Gina had boy troubles (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Gina’s boy troubles

This week, Gina, Anna and George returned back home from Marbella and announced that they’d found a buyer for their bar.

Anna was delighted to be back at The Vic but Gina wasn’t as chuffed to see everyone again.

Her sister then explained that Gina was having some boy troubles to do with her ex in Spain.

Last night (Tuesday, September 26), Gina then revealed that her ex boyfriend had started dating another girl just a couple of days after she had moved to Walford.

However, she has kept the identity of her ex a secret only revealing that he was a guy who was living in Spain.

EastEnders' Fatboy
Is Fatboy Gina’s ex? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fan theory: Gina’s ex to be revealed as Fatboy?

EastEnders fans reckon that Fatboy is still alive and is in witness protection after spotting Cindy back in Walford after Lucy’s death.

A new EastEnders fan theory now suggests that Fatboy could be revealed to be Gina’s ex-boyfriend and could now be living in Spain.

One fan wrote: “Watching EastEnders and I got thinking what if Gina’s ex boyfriend is Fatboy?? Back from the dead”

But, could Fatboy still be alive and turn out to be Gina Knight’s ex boyfriend?

EastEnders' Fatboy
Is Fatboy Gina’s ex? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Could Fatboy be Gina Knight’s ex?

As far as viewers know, Fatboy died after being crushed by a car in a case of mistaken identity.

However, could this story have been a lie just to get him into witness protection? Could he still be alive?

Does this mean that Fatboy could actually be living in Marbella and is Gina’s ex? Is he about to make a comeback to Walford in a huge return twist?

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EastEnders - Fatboy's Return Scene (Flashback) (29th August 2023)

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