EastEnders fans upset over Honey and Jay’s controversial kiss

Honey and Jay have been getting closer over the last few months

EastEnders viewers were disgusted as Honey and Jay kissed in tonight’s episode (Tuesday, December 22).

Honey has been planning to help those struggling this Christmas by setting up a local event for people to have food and enjoy the festive period.

However disaster struck when she discovered the fridge had broken, spoiling all of the food.

After failing to gather more food, it looked like all hope was lost. That was until Jay turned up with a catering team.

Honey and Jay shared a kiss (Credit: BBC)

Later, Jay told Honey it was nice to see her happy. But she admitted she wouldn’t be happy if it wasn’t for him.

Soon, Honey’s ex-husband Billy came into Walford East looking for them both and walked in on them kissing!

However viewers were disgusted by the scenes as Honey has known Jay since he was a young boy.

How old are Honey and Jay?

Jay and Honey are both linked to the Mitchell family (Credit: BBC)

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Jay was born in October 1994, making him 26.

Meanwhile Honey is 44 years old.

How long have Honey and Jay known each other? Are they related?

Jay first appeared in 2006. Billy Mitchell has been a father-figure to Jay and fostered him after the death Jay’s dad Jase.

Honey and Billy married in 2006, making. Honey has known Jay since he was about 12-years old.

So whilst Honey and Jay are not biologically related, they are both linked to the Mitchell family though Billy.

Previous relationships

Honey and Billy split up after she discovered he had cheated on her with Tina Carter.

In 2018, she began seeing a dentist named Adam. But eventually Honey started to have suspicions he was cheating on her with Habiba Ahmed.

Honey outed Adam as a cheat (Credit: BBC)

Honey began to struggling with an eating disorder. When she found out Adam had been cheating on her with multiple other women, she exposed his cheating ways in The Vic and threw him out of their flat.

Meanwhile Jay has had past relationships with Lola Pearce, Abi Branning and a girl named Linzi Bragg, who he ended things with when he found out she was 14.

Lola and Jay have been on and off since they were teenagers (Credit: BBC)

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Jay and Lola got back together last year. However she admitted to him a couple of months ago that she slept with Peter Beale when she thought they were over.

Jay ended their relationship. But how will Billy react now he’s seen Honey and Jay kissing?


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