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EastEnders: Linda framed Dean – and fans have spotted a huge flaw in police scenes

What happened to confidentiality?

Yesterday in EastEnders (Thursday, April 11), Linda headed to the police station and decided to dob Dean in to the police for Keanu’s murder.

Of course, viewers will know that it was actually Linda who killed Keanu but ‘The Six’ have now decided to frame Dean.

However, during these police interview scenes, fans of the BBC soap have spotted an error.

EastEnders' Linda is serious
Linda put the plan into action (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Linda went to the police about Dean

Linda decided to tell the police about Dean’s ‘murder’ of Keanu whilst paying a visit to the station last night.

‘The Six’ had originally decided to frame Dean and make a phone call to the police, but Linda decided to add a personal touch.

She then explained that she saw Dean heading into the café at Christmas with something heavy, covered in tarpaulin.

Linda then added that she was scared of Dean and that’s why she hadn’t snitched on him before now.

Not long after Linda’s statement, the police turned up on the Square and arrested Dean on suspicion of murder.

When he was questioned by the police, he was told that Linda had been the one to provide information about him.

He then said that she was lying because she hates him, promising that he had nothing to do with Keanu’s death.

However, his recent plan to move to America along with the meat thermometer being found at his home didn’t help his case…

EastEnders' Dean is looking miserable
The police threw Linda under the bus (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans baffled by flaw as the police arrest Dean

The police told Dean that Linda had been the one to ‘see’ him carrying a tarpaulin into the café at Christmas. Fans of the soap have now pointed out that the police wouldn’t be allowed to disclose such information, especially as Linda told them how scared she was of Dean.

One fan wondered: “Why did the police mention Linda’s name when questioning Dean? They could have said… “A witness saw you enter the café at midnight” (he may have worked it out.) The way they dropped Linda’s name in it could put her at risk again. This isn’t over yet.”


Another fan pointed out: “Oh, come on. The police would not tell him it was Linda.”

A third person added: “Why did the police drop Linda in it like that to Dean? Could they not have just said ‘someone saw you…’?”

Will Dean get the chance to move away with Jade? (Credit: BBC)

What will become of Dean after his arrest?

Dean was planning on upping sticks and moving to New York with Jade before he was arrested for Keanu’s murder.

The evidence is stacking up against him, with ‘The Six’ doing a brilliant job at framing him. But, will Dean go to prison for Keanu’s murder? Will ‘The Six’ get themselves off the hook?

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