EastEnders' Nugget is serious

EastEnders: Nugget set for sexuality struggle storyline, a new fan theory predicts

Amy rejected Nugget

In last night’s episode of EastEnders (Tuesday, May 14), Nugget tried to comfort Amy after Denzel lashed out at her during a party.

However, he soon got the wrong end of the stick and ended up going in for a kiss, being rejected by her.

A new EastEnders fan theory now reckons that viewers will soon see Nugget struggle with his sexuality.

EastEnders' Nugget is serious
Nugget went in for a kiss (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Nugget tried to kiss Amy

Yesterday in Walford, Nugget attended Denzel’s party. However, he soon felt left out as he sat alone whilst other people were kissing or heading off in couples to the bedroom.

Meanwhile, Amy and Denzel tried to sleep together but Denzel had difficulties due to his steroid use.

He then blamed Amy for his own difficulties, suggesting that Amy’s scars were the reason behind it.

Amy then headed off upset, with Nugget trying to comfort her. He told her never to change whilst Amy said the same to him.

He then misread the situation and tried to kiss her, but Amy rejected him and headed back home to confide in Penny.

Nugget in EastEnders looks uncomfortable as a couple kiss next to him
Nugget felt left out (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fan theory: Nugget set for sexuality struggle?

Seeing Nugget feel left out at the party, one fan has sparked up a new theory for the character.

They think that the soap will soon see him struggle with his sexuality.

The fan theory reads: “I’d like to see Nugget struggling with his sexuality, the people around him (Ravi) trying to say it’s just a phase & then blame Suki for brainwashing him. Only for a few weeks before Nugget then identifies as bi and they all live happily ever after.”

One fan added: “I’m really starting to think that Nugget could be gay.”

Another viewer declared: “Nugget is gay.”

Nugget in EastEnders looks guilty carrying a shopping bag and kitchen roll
Nugget asks Denzel for steroids (Credit: BBC)

What’s to come for Nugget?

EastEnders spoilers reveal that Nugget starts worrying about his friendships and thinks that steroids could be the way to fix his problems.

He then asks Denzel to give him some. But, will Denzel give in to Nugget’s requests?

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