EastEnders Sharon comp image - when she was bigger and now, slimmer

EastEnders: Sharon’s weight loss leaves fans thrilled

She's just getting smaller!

In EastEnders Sharon’s weight loss has stunned fans of the soap over the last 18 months. However, as incredible as she looks, she’s come under much scrutiny after dropping the pounds.

Fans have said she looks 20 years younger after losing weight and have heaped praise on the actress.

However, now some scammers have taken the EastEnders star’s image and used it to promote weight loss pills.

Sharon has lost a lot of weight recently (Credit: BBC)

Fans applaud Sharon’s weight loss in EastEnders

Viewers had first spotted her glam new look back in March 2022, but then it seemed like the weight continued to fall off in every scene she appeared in!

“Wow, is this really Sharon?” questioned one viewer.

“Sharon is back and she looks 25,” agreed another.

A third added: “Wow, Tish Dean aka Sharon is turning back time. She looks amazing.”

Sharon is looking good,” added someone else. “She looks like she’s had 20 years taken off!”

Others questioned how she had achieved it. “How did Sharon lose all that weight? Wow she looks great,” questioned one.

Another said: “Obsessed with Sharon’s weight loss – how?”

“I don’t know what Sharon Watts has done to lose weight but I want to know what her secret is,” asked someone else.

Sharon holding a baseball bat on EastEnders
Sharon is looking amazing! (Credit: BBC)

How did Letitia Dean lose weight?

Actress Letitia Dean, who plays Sharon, has previously spoken about how she slims down. As reported by the Express, Letitia explained she ditched the junk food to drop the pounds.

“I found I had so much more energy than when I used to eat junk food,” she said.

She explained her diet comprised of “healthy food” such as “pitta bread with grilled skinless chicken breast” and “lots of greens”.

Prior to this, she had tried “The cabbage soup diet, the Atkins and a really disgusting eggs-only diet,” but nothing worked long-term.

She even signed up to Strictly in 2007, telling EastEnders spin-off show Secrets From the Square she “wanted to do something about my figure”.

Back in October 2001, Letitia revealed to Hello! magazine that she had had a breast reduction following nasty remarks about her size.

“Backache had a lot to do with that decision too,” she said. “But I was a lot less secure about myself and there was a lot of focus on how I looked.”

Natalie plays Sonia Fowler in EastEnders alongside Letitia Dean (Credit: BBC)

Natalie Cassidy speaks out on Letitia’s weight loss

Last week Letitia’s EastEnders co-star Natalie Cassidy responded after being questioned whether she and Letitia had taken diet pills.

In the comments section of a video posted to her Instagram, Natalie responded to a fan who brought it up.

“Nat I’ve just messaged you about an article I read on diet pills Letitia Dean has apparently brought out which has fuelled her own AND YOUR weight!” the fan commented.

“It isn’t true,” Natalie replied.

Kellie Bright and Letitia Dean post on the red carpet
Letitia looked wonderful at the recent NTA awards (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Letitia ‘speaks out’ as Sharon’s weight loss gets people talking again

And now a source close to Letitia has reportedly confirmed this. Speaking to Mail Online, the insider said: “It is complete nonsense for any weight loss brand to state that Letitia has given permission for her image to be used.

“This advertisement and product have absolutely no relevance to Letitia whatsoever and she urges any potential customers to do their research before buying weight loss products, especially ones that claim to be using celebrity endorsements.”

The adverts, circulating on social media, had alleged Letitia lost five stone in two weeks. They also said she was faced with the choice between losing weight and surgery.

Entertainment Daily has contacted representatives for Letitia Dean for comment.

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