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EastEnders spoilers: Callum starts looking for answers over Keanu’s death leaving Sharon and Linda panicked

Callum's on the case

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Our EastEnders spoilers reveal that, as Callum Highway begins to have suspicions about the death of Keanu, his sudden investigation leaves Linda and Sharon rattled.

Can they throw Callum off the scent before he discovers what they and the other members of ‘The Six’ did?

Read our EastEnders spoilers for this storyline in full below.

Callum in EastEnders looks concerned
Callum suspects that something isn’t right with Keanu’s murder (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Callum’s onto something

Phil is cheered up following a bout of father’s day loneliness when Callum invites him to join Ben’s prison call.

However, the moment is ruined when Sharon abruptly leaves after Callum starts asking questions about Dean and Keanu.

Later, Phil demands to know what’s going on after intercepting a suspicious text from Linda to Sharon.

EastEnders: Phil and Callum talk seriously in the Square
Phil and Callum know that someone is hiding something (Credit: BBC)

Sharon manages to appease Phil by allowing him more time with Albie, but Callum won’t be so easily appeased.

His suspicions are further piqued when Linda makes a strange comment.

Later, Callum goes to join Ben’s prison call, but is left confused when Phil leaves after Callum shares details of his earlier conversation with Sharon.

What is going on?

Jack Branning and Callum Highway look serious as they talk
Jack tries to throw Johnny off the scent (Credit: BBC)

Jack and Johnny try to stop Callum’s investigation

Sharon is spooked when Callum announces that he’s speaking to detectives about the murder case. She visits Johnny at The Vic, where they talk to Jack about keeping Callum off the scent.

Johnny and Callum in EastEnders talk
Johnny is determined to stop Callum’s questions (Credit: BBC)

Jack speaks to Callum and tries to warn him off professionally. However, Johnny isn’t convinced this is enough, and tries to use Ben’s absence to try and sway him.

Can Jack, Johnny and the women of The Six dissuade Callum from his dogged investigation into Keanu’s murder?

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