Denise and Ravi in EastEnders

EastEnders spoilers: Denise and Jack’s marriage in tatters as sparks fly with Ravi

The romantic tension between Denise and Ravi continues

In EastEnders spoilers, Denise and Jack’s marriage continues to worsen, while Denise grows closer with Ravi.

Denise and Jack’s marriage has been under a lot of strain in recent weeks.

And with Ravi on hand to give support to Denise, sparks begin to fly between the pair.

Will Jack be able to save their marriage or will Denise give in to her lust for Ravi?

Ravi and Denise talking in EastEnders
Sparks fly between Ravi and Denise in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Sparks fly between Denise and Ravi

Denise has been struggling to resist Ravi in recent weeks, leading viewers to predict that an affair between the pair is on the horizon.

But despite the flirting and romantic tension, nothing has actually happened.

In upcoming scenes on EastEnders, Jack is determined to turn things around as he arranges a family lunch at Walford East.

However, their lunch gets off to awkward start when Sam turns up after being invited by Ricky.

The clan soon start to enjoy each others company, but it doesn’t last long as Jack learns that Nugget is responsible for bullying Ricky and Lily at school.

A blazing row then breaks out between him and Ravi.

Back at No.27, the argument continues between Denise and Jack, as they both fail to see eye-to-eye on the situation.

Fed up, Denise storms out and heads to Walford East to apologise to Ravi.

But sparks begin to fly as the pair become close.

Denise and Jack arguing in EastEnders
Denise and Jack marriage woes worsen in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

Jack lets Denise down once again when he fails to remember that it’s Valentine’s Day.

Luckily for him, Amy spots her dad’s mishap and arranges a romantic evening for them.

Looking forward to the date night, Denise starts to get ready when she is interrupted by Ravi.

Ravi turns up at No.27 to discuss the events from the night before and express his growing desire for her.

But Denise tries her hardest to fight against her lust.

However, she is left heartbroken when she overhears Jack telling Sam that Amy is responsible for arranging their date.

So what does this mean? How long will she be able to resist her feelings for Ravi?

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EastEnders usually airs Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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