EastEnders first look comp image: Linda, Alfie, Eve

EastEnders spoilers: First look at all-new pics for August 14-18

Alfie deals with some difficult news and Eve meets someone who turns her world upside down

In EastEnders spoilers for next week, Alfie goes to the hospital and struggles to process some difficult news. Is Alfie okay?

Elsewhere, Eve goes on a date with someone who turns her world upside down.

And, Linda debates fighting for custody of Janine and Mick’s baby.

All this and more in EastEnders spoilers.

EastEnders spoilers

1. What’s wrong with Alfie?

Alfie looking shocked on EastEnders

Alfie is struggling with parenting Tommy while Kat is away and the pair clash.

Phil intercepts and shares some harsh words about Alfie’s parenting.

Alfie and Phil in the hospital on EastEnders

But when Phil notices Alfie grimacing in pain later on, he insists on taking him to the hospital.

As Alfie struggles to process everything that’s happening, Tommy notices something isn’t right.

He saw Alfie go to hospital and wants answers – but what will Alfie tell him?

2. Eve’s new romance

A woman called Caz comes looking for Eve in the cafe.

Suki overhears and is jealous believing it’s a new love interest for Eve.

Eve arranges a date with the mystery newcomer, but then Stacey receives another letter from her stalker.

Eve decides she won’t go on her date, but Stacey insists she must.

Things are awkward between the women, but as Eve starts to leave she’s stopped in her tracks when her date reveals her true identity…

3. Eve lashes out

Eve is left devastated following recent events, but meets Caroline again at Walford East.

But a distraught Eve later lashes out in rage and trashes the kitchen.

4. Theo’s delusions grow

Theo invites Stacey for a drink and grows delusional as he thinks it’s a date.

He’s not impressed when Eve gate crashes.

Eve tells Stacey she needs to stop leading Theo on, so Stacey clarifies to him they are just friends.

5. Suki’s struggles

Suki has an awkward encounter with Eve and almost faints.

Vinny is worried about his mum and tries to get her to open up.

But she shuts him down and tells him to show her some respect.

After she finally opens up about her low mood, Vinny convinces her to go for a pamper session at Fox & Hair.

6. Linda’s baby bombshell

EastEnders character Linda with her arms crossed

Linda is debating fighting for custody of Janine and Mick’s baby.

George and Elaine think the idea is ridiculous, but Alfie agrees to support her.

7. Bobby tries to woo Anna – but she wants someone else…

Bobby asks Anna to help him plan a surprise party for Bernie.

But soon worries she has feelings for Freddie…

The party for Bernie is a huge success. But do Bobby and Anna have eyes for each other?

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