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EastEnders spoilers: First look at all-new pics for October 30 – Nov 3

Keanu sets a dastardly plan into motion

Latest EastEnders spoilers for next week’s episodes have revealed an eventful Halloween ahead in Walford – as Keanu sets a sinister plan into motion, and Rocky struggles with his debt to Nish.

Meanwhile, Elaine is left reeling when Linda learns some shock news about George.

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

EastEnders spoilers

1. It’s Halloween in Walford

It’s Halloween in Walford, and Linda plans to celebrate in style. However, Elaine worries that nobody will be in the mood to party, due to Jay’s recent accident.

Elaine talking to George on EastEnders

The atmosphere turns sour when Linda realises that George is hiding something from Elaine. When her mother hears the pair bickering, she demands answers.

Linda and Elaine talking on EastEnders

Under pressure, George is forced to admit he’s paid out half of the bar sale to Cindy. Elaine is furious but, after a heart-to-heart with Linda, agrees to hear George out.

Elaine talking to Linda at The Vic, in Halloween costume

Later, Elaine gets the party going at The Vic, aware that it was one of Mick and Linda’s big traditions together. But after putting Ollie to sleep, Linda goes into the kitchen and gets a massive shock…

2. Keanu has a cunning idea

Keanu talking to karen on EastEnders

Meanwhile, Keanu tells Karen that he intends to put a plan into action. Later, he asks Sharon if he can take Albie out before they leave for Abu Dhabi. However, Sharon says there’s no time. What will Keanu do next?

3. Menacing Dorian turns the screws

Dorian looks menacing on EastEnders

Later, menacing Dorian arrives to see Sharon. He turns threatening when she refuses to pay him his finder’s fee for the Pub, Pint and Fight event.

Keanu talking to Sharon

Sharon feels as though she’s handling the situation well – until Keanu steps in to see Dorian off. However, Sharon is less than appreciative, and grows angry at Keanu for his meddling.

Dorian and his thugs on EastEnders

Later, Sharon waits for Dorian to return and is surprised when Keanu arrives to back her up. Dorian arrives, surrounded by his goons, demanding his cash.

Sharon holding a baseball bat on EastEnders

Dorian tells Sharon that he knows where she and Albie live – and not to go to the police. Afterwards, Keanu walks Sharon home, and he begins to make his move.

4. Keanu sets his plan into motion

Keanu looking solemn on EastEnders

As Karen worries that Keanu is doing the wrong thing, he goes to Sharon’s to pick up Albie for a birthday party. Later, Sharon is angry when she learns that Keanu made an excuse about the party and took Albie off elsewhere.

Sharon talking to Linda on EastEnders

Keanu arrives back in the Square and tells Sharon that something terrible has happened. He took Albie to the park, turned his back for a second, and then Albie was gone.

Keanu talks to Sharon and Linda on EastEnders

Distraught Sharon calls the police, who launch an investigation into Albie’s disappearance. Meanwhile, the residents of Walford organise a search party. Keanu points out to Sharon that Dorian already threatened her and Albie.

Horrified, Sharon realises that Dorian could be behind the kidnapping. She tells the police, who immediately follow up. Later, Zack finds a note pushed under the door – demanding £50,000 for Albie’s safe return.

5. Rocky’s in too deep

Rocky speaking to Ravi on EastEnders

Elsewhere, Rocky tells Harvey that he owes Nish money on a loan, with no way of paying it back. Harvey suggests he asks for lower repayments, but Nish rebuffs – explaining that there will be massive financial penalties for changing the terms of their contract.

Rocky looks worried on EastEnders

With Kathy oblivious, Rocky wonders how he will cope on with his mounting debts. Harvey tries to ease Rocky’s worries, but he is in too deep already.

Harvey looking angry on EastEnders

Elsewhere, when a fuse box blows in the café, Kathy can’t afford to get it sorted out. Meanwhile, Nish realises that Rocky has a gambling problem and can’t afford to make his repayments.

Ravi looking shifty on EastEnders

He warns Rocky that if he doesn’t get his money today, he’ll tell Kathy everything. When he spots Rocky heading into the bookies, Harvey takes drastic action.

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