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Who’s leaving Coronation Street in 2024? Complete list of cast exits, arrivals and returns

Paul's exit is coming soon

Who’s leaving Coronation Street in 2024? There’s at least one sad death coming up as we know the end is near for Paul Foreman. But is anyone else off?

And how about returnees and newcomers? There’s lots going on this year – here’s everything we know so far.

Who’s leaving Coronation Street in 2024?

Coronation Street: Gemma and Paul are shocked to see their dad, Denny
It’s not going to be a happy ending for Paul (Credit: ITV)

Paul Foreman

In 2023 Paul Foreman was heartbreakingly diagnosed with motor neurone disease. After an injury to his hand needed further investigation, Paul received the devastating news he has the incurable disease.

Coronation Street is working with the MND Association to explore the challenges Paul will face as he deals with this devastating news. Paul actor Peter Ash has also opened up about his storyline.

MND is a fatal, rapidly progressing disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. It attacks the nerves that control movement causing muscles to stop working. Sufferers are locked in their body, however, the senses are not usually affected. Eventually those with MND won’t be able to move, talk or breathe, and 80 per cent of sufferers will lose their voice.

There is no cure for the illness and as a result a third of people diagnosed sadly die within a year. More than half only live for two years after diagnosis.

We have already seen Paul lose the use of his legs and get a wheelchair, and then a persistent cough has caused the distressing news Paul only has six months to live. With that news, Paul made the decision to end his own life when the time came rather than lose complete control.

Paul’s speech has now been affected and he is about to be fitted with a feeding tube as he is struggling to swallow.

So when does Paul leave Coronation Street? Although it has not been confirmed when his exit will air, it looks like it will happen some time this summer. Peter has spoken about his sadness over the departure.

“I’ll be sad to leave but I am also quite happy to be involved in such a powerful storyline,” he said.

Beth looks outraged on Coronation Street
There’s confusion over whether Lisa is leaving (Credit: ITV)

Beth Tinker

The Sun reported last year that Beth Tinker actress Lisa George is leaving the soap after 13 years. It said her final scenes would air in the summer of 2024.

A source said: “Lisa has been on Corrie for a long time and she’s had some great storylines.

“She’s become a firm fan favourite with her comedy scenes but has had viewers sobbing in heartbreaking plots like Sinead’s death.

“She loves Corrie and it’s in her bones but she feels now is the right time to move on and take on new challenges.”

Earlier in 2023 there were claims Lisa was leaving her role, speculation which she seemingly put to bed during an interview with The Mirror at the Pride of Britain Awards in October.

“I’ve got a new contract,” she told them. “It’s really weird, everyone was saying you’re leaving, you’re leaving. I was asked about my contract and I said I was waiting, and so they asked what I’d like to do if I didn’t get one and I said Call The Midwife. That’s all I said it was a passing comment then the next thing, everyone is ringing me like, ‘you’re leaving, you’re leaving’.

“I was like no, what’s all this, no, I don’t know anything about it.”

When the latest reports came out, Lisa posted a new cast card image to her social media. She then responded to a comment expressing sadness she was leaving to say: “I haven’t left – I’m back in tomorrow.”

It’s unclear whether this meant she hasn’t left yet or isn’t leaving at all.

Entertainment Daily has reached out to ITV for comment.

Who else is leaving Coronation Street in 2024?

Simon Barlow in Corrie looks anxious with Toyah
Si’s on a downward spiral (Credit: ITV)

Simon Barlow

Alex Bain, who has played Simon Barlow for 15 years, it leaving the ITV soap, it was reported over Christmas.

The 22-year-old actor has been in the ITV soap since he was seven years old. However, he is expected to depart with an explosive storyline this summer.

A source claimed to The Sun: “Alex is sad to be leaving Coronation Street because it really is like a family. But he realises that the time is right to move on.”

They went on to add: “He’s very excited about the future and other opportunities.”

Alex posted pictures to his Instagram story on his last day and he has now finished filming. Currently Simon is on a downward spiral after his dad’s departure. He’s been drinking too much and acting out and despite several promises to get his act together, he doesn’t seem to be able to.

Soon Peter Barlow will offer him a job on his yacht. But is that how Simon will leave? Or is there something more sinister in store for his goodbye?

Fans have demanded when he does go, Simon should be recast and return in 2025.

Who’s returning to Coronation Street in 2024?

Alya smiles at Adam in Corrie as she hugs the gift
Gone, but not for good (Credit: ITV)

Alya Nazir

In May 2024 Alya Nazir waved goodbye to the cobbles in a taxi. She was headed for a six month work placement in Dublin. But will she be back?

The exit was to cover actress Sair Khan’s maternity leave. She gave birth to her first child, a little boy, in April.

She is expected to make a comeback after having time off with her newborn. It could be 2025 before we see her again, depending on how long she decides to take off.

However after Alya was in the budding stages of a romance with Adam Barlow, she definitely has something to come back for. But will he wait for her?

Summer Spellman

After a stint in the US Summer will return (Credit: ITV)

Summer Spellman left the cobbles earlier this year for a study placement in America. She was reluctant to leave stepdad Paul behind due to his MND diagnosis. But Paul insisted she went and followed her dreams.

ED! can confirm Summer will be returning to Weatherfield. But will she be forced to cut her American adventure short as Paul’s condition worsens?

She has made him promise to call her home before he takes his own life, but will she make it back in time?

Has Tracy gone for good? (Credit: ITV)

Tracy McDonald drives off to sunny Spain

On Tuesday April 2, Tracy McDonald left miserable Weatherfield for a new life in Spain with lover Tommy Orpington. She left behind her family, her estranged husband Steve and her flower shop.

But has she really gone for good?

Although Coronation Street are remaining tight-lipped about the future of Tracy, this seems like a very quiet exit for such a show legend! Will this really be the last we see of her? Or will she return from Spain before too long with her tail between her legs?

Tommy certainly doesn’t have a trustworthy reputation, so is her happy ending just too good to be true?

Who’s joining Coronation Street in 2024?

Joel’s parents could fill in the character gaps (Credit: ITV)

Mr and Mrs Deering

Joel Deering, played by Callum Lil, has recently been kicked to the kerb by Dee-Dee Bailey after failing to tell her about his wife and daughter. However it’s not the last we’ve seen of him.

Callum recently revealed to Entertainment Daily and other media that his parents are on their way to the cobbles.

He said: “It’s kind of the the middle child of a middle class family. And he’s probably navigating that and trying to be good enough. I’m looking forward to [seeing that] play out and see[ing] how that unfolds.”

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