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Emmerdale: Cain to kill Tom over his abuse of Belle, fans predict

Does Tom need to watch his back?

In last night’s episode of Emmerdale (Thursday, May 16), Tom hit Belle after hearing her make some jokes about him with Mandy and Lydia.

Belle was really scared of her abusive husband, hiding away from him whilst he gave her some space.

Emmerdale fans have now predicted that Belle will tell Cain about the abuse, prompting him to take action.

Tom King in Emmerdale stands looming over Belle who is hurt on the floor
Tom was physically violent towards his wife (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Tom hit Belle

Yesterday in the Dales, Tom logged on to the puppy cam and noticed that Belle had Lydia and Mandy round.

He then listened into their conversation and realised that they were making jokes about him behind his back.

Heading back home, Tom then painted a smile on his face for Mandy and Lydia. However, when the guests had left, Tom’s attitude changed.

He brought up the comments to Belle, before hitting her in the kitchen. Belle was left frightened for her life, running upstairs to hide in the bathroom.

She later emerged and threatened to end her marriage to Tom, confronting him over his abuse. She told Tom to leave or she’d call Cain and tell him everything.

Worrying that Belle would tell someone, he then left the house to give her some space.

Cain talking angrily to Ruby on Emmerdale
You don’t want to mess with Cain (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans predict Cain will kill Tom over abuse

With Belle mentioning getting Cain involved, fans now think that Cain will kill Tom when he finds out about Tom’s horrible treatment of Belle.

Cain always protects his own after all, with fans warning that Tom needs to watch out.

One fan said: “EMMERDALE…Tom needs to be EXPOSED ASAP.. I can’t wait for the episode of Cain & The Dingle clan [bleep] him up…”

A second viewer stated: “Can’t wait for Cain to rip Tom’s head off.”

A third Emmerdale fan added: “Can’t wait for Cain & Mandy to put that psycho six foot under!”

Emmerdale's Cain is speaking to Charity in the woods
Cain’s shown his softer side recently (Credit: ITV)

Will Cain teach Tom a lesson?

Cain may have been giving his ‘bad boy’ persona a break recently but, when it comes to family, he’s never afraid to bring out his darker side to protect them.

He won’t be happy when the truth about Tom’s abuse of Belle comes out. But, will he get revenge by putting Tom into an early grave?

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