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EastEnders spoilers: Alfie hospitalized, Phil confronts parenting issues

Phil is by his side for support...

EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal that Alfie is taken to hospital. But what’s actually wrong?

Alfie is struggling with parenting Tommy while Kat is away, but his mind is soon elsewhere as Phil forces him to see a doctor.

What’s troubling Alfie in EastEnders? And how serious is it?

Alfie looking shocked on EastEnders
Phil pulls Alfie up on his parenting and he has some making up to do (Credit: BBC)

Alfie clashes with Tommy in EastEnders spoilers

Kat has gone to visit Little Mo as the week begins and Phil asks Alfie to have Tommy while she’s away.

Things take a turn for father and son when Alfie finds out Tommy was the one who told Freddie where he could find Graham. Alfie and Tommy have a huge row which ends with Tommy storming off to the park with his mates.

Fuming Alfie finds him there and they have another row, during which Alfie orders him home. Phil butts in and shares some rather harsh views on Alfie’s parenting.

After Phil’s pep talk, Alfie tries to make amends. He apologises for being an absent father, but then forbids Tommy from seeing Perry, which only serves to make matters worse.

Talking to Phil, Alfie learns that Tommy has lashed out at Kat before and the pair decide to take him to the Boxing Den to work out his anger.

Alfie and Phil in the hospital on EastEnders
Alfie is anxious at the hospital with Phil for support (Credit: BBC)

Alfie at hospital

During all of this, Phil notices that Alfie is grimacing in pain. He thinks it’s wise for him to get checked out. Although Alfie seems reticent, Phil demands Alfie visit the hospital once Tommy has left.

But what will the trip to the hospital reveal? What’s actually wrong with Alfie?

The next day Alfie tries to distract himself by supporting Linda, who wants to fight for custody of Mick and Janine’s baby. But when he has to go back to the hospital, he misses Linda’s meeting and leaves her worried about what’s wrong with him.

Tommy also spots his dad getting a cab to the hospital – but will Alfie tell anyone why he’s really going?

Will Alfie come clean? (Credit: BBC)

Tommy confronts his dad

Alfie is soon back in the Square getting drunk at Peggy’s and arguing with Phil. But when he tries to apologise to Linda, she notices he’s not himself. He covers and doesn’t reveal the truth. 

As the week progresses Alfie is in a real state, struggling to process his news. He doesn’t even want to spend the day with Tommy and Phil in the Boxing Den.

Tommy soon reveals he saw Alfie go to the hospital. But will Alfie confide what’s really going on? And what is really going on? Is there something seriously wrong with Alfie?

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