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EastEnders spoilers for next week: First look as Bianca catches Reiss out

She insists he has to tell Sonia about the money

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EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Reiss’ money lies are exposed to Bianca. But will she tell Sonia?

Also, Linda’s struggling with Father’s Day and Sharon comes to a big decision.

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

1. Bianca catches Reiss out

EastEnders: Reiss and Sonia hold hands and look serious

Reiss tries to support Sonia, but Bianca is disapproving. Reiss soon finds himself desperate for money and tries to trick Kat into thinking she hasn’t paid her tax bill.

Bianca in EastEnders watches Reiss and Sonia in deep discussion

Bianca is convinced something is going on after speaking to Kat. She then follows Reiss to the care home and overhears him asking Debbie to borrow more money.

Reiss looks coldly at Bianca as he hugs Sonia in EastEnders

Reiss can’t believe it when he realises Bianca has caught him red-handed. She is horrified and insists he has to tell Sonia or she will. Will Reiss come clean?

2. Linda’s drinking gets worse

Elaine, Linda and Johnny have a tense discussion in The Queen Vic in EastEnders

Johnny and Elaine rally round Linda after she gets emotional about Mick with Father’s Day approaching.

Elaine, Linda and Johnny have a tense discussion in The Queen Vic in EastEnders

However Linda is rocked by news of Keanu’s funeral and even more so when Elaine agrees to hold the wake in The Vic. Linda heads off to get drunk.

3. Sharon takes action

Hungover Linda lies in bed as worried Johnny and Sharon look.

Johnny and Sharon find Linda drunk in the barrel store and decide they need to act.

Hungover Linda lies in bed as worried Johnny and Sharon look.

Sharon has a heart to heart with Kathy, who advises her to help her friend. She books Linda into an AA meeting and encourages her to go. But when Linda starts to speak, has Sharon made a terrible mistake?

4. Sharon faces up to Keanu’s death

Sharon in EastEnders talks to Albie looking emotional

Sharon decides she has to tell Albie about Keanu’s death. After some words of advice from Martin she manages to explain things to her son.

Sharon looks devastated in EastEnders

Sharon then decides to attend Keanu’s funeral. However, Kathy and Linda end up holding a private memorial for her at the Arches. Will she be able to move on?

5. Cindy suspects Junior

Ian, Cindy and Peter look tense in the cafe

Cindy puts Ian on a new fitness regime and sends him to the Boxing Den with Peter. Peter soon heads off to see Lauren, and Junior starts training with Ian.

Junior points out Ian Beale's form at the gym in EastEnders

Ian gets injured and Junior takes him home, and Cindy thinks Junior hurt him on purpose, so orders him to leave. Did Junior do anything wrong?

6. Kim and Howie return

Kim, Howie, Pearl and Mica are shocked when they return to a party

Nugget and Denzel invite their gym mates over for a party. But they are soon busted when Kim and Howie return in the middle of it.

Kim, Howie, Denzel, Denise and Chelsea in the cafe in EastEnders

Kim and Howie interrogate Denzel over the party, but Chelsea covers. However it’s soon clear Chelsea is getting suspicious of his behaviour too.

7. Yolande and Patrick return

EastEnders: Kim is annoyed with Patrick and Yolande

Patrick and Yolande arrive home to Kim berating them for leaving Denzel alone.

Patrick comforts worried looking Yolande in EastEnders

However Yolande has bigger things on her mind when she can’t get in touch with Levi. Chelsea reveals he has left Walford, but what does this mean for her fight against Pastor Clayton?

8. Denise confides in Kim

Denise and Kim talk seriously in EastEnders

Denise tells Kim the truth about having a breakdown. However she refuses to reveal the real reason behind it when Kim questions her.

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