Whitney, Jean and Ben in EastEnders spoilers for week 13

10 EastEnders spoilers for next week including Ben in trouble, Jean’s suspicions growing and Whitney’s return

Is Ben in big trouble?

EastEnders spoilers for next week include Ben’s future looking bleak, Zack and Whitney keeping secrets from one another, and Jean growing suspicious about what Dean’s up to.

All this and more in EastEnders spoilers.

EastEnders spoilers

Phil’s got some advice for Ben (Credit: BBC)

1. Worst birthday ever for Callum in EastEnders spoilers

Callum’s trying to stay cheerful when it’s clear that Ben hasn’t made any plans for his birthday. But all is not lost! After some pressure from Jay and Lexi, and some romance advice from his dad, Phil (yes, really) Ben decides to throw his husband a surprise party.

Callum’s touched by the gesture and it looks like Ben’s saved the day – until things take a disastrous turn when the police arrive and arrest Ben!

Jean finds out the truth about Jade’s medication (Credit: BBC)

2. Jean finds out the truth

Jean’s shocked to see Jade back in the Square so soon after her stay in hospital and she’s worried the teenager isn’t fit enough to be back home.

When a reporter from the Walford Gazette wants to interview Dean, he agrees and leaves Jean to look after Jade. But the interview doesn’t go well when Johnny interrupts and offers to give the reporter a ‘character reference’ about Dean. Uh-oh!

At the flat, Jean’s determined to get to the bottom of what’s been going on. She presses Jade about who’s been giving her medication – and when she discovers that Dean lied, she finds the empty pill packets. She tries to persuade Jade to come home with her but as they’re leaving, Dean comes in. And in his trademark manipulative way, he manages to put all the blame on Jean.

Priya’s flirty exchange with Martin is interrupted by Avani skipping school (Credit: BBC)

3. Avani plays matchmaker

Avani bunks off school and tries – and fails – to come up with a convincing reason for her absence. Meanwhile Priya’s enjoying some flirty banter with Martin when she gets a text from school telling her Avani isn’t there.

She and Martin head off together to track down the wayward teenager and find her in the playground.

Avani’s amused when she clocks that her dad, Ravi, is jealous that Martin’s there and later she tells Nugget she wants to get her parents back together.

So when Priya asks Martin for a date, Avani has other ideas! She plays matchmaker by lying to her dad and telling him Priya’s poorly. Both men arrive at the house at the same time – awks! Martin gets the wrong idea, and leaves – making Priya annoyed with her daughter.

But it’s Ravi who saves the day when he encourages Priya to go on a date with Martin at Walford East. And at the restaurant, she and Martin hit it off.

Lauren and Zack clear the air (Credit: BBC)

4. Welcome home, Whitney!

Zack decides to throw a welcome home baby shower for Whitney in The Vic, and invites Penny and Lauren.

But Lauren realises he’s feeling awkward and so she heads to his to smooth things over between them. Zack’s relieved when she promises to keep quiet about the pass he made at her.

When Whitney arrives she’s not alone – Britney’s with her! The little girl announces that Whit is her new foster mum and when Whitney confirms that it’s true, Zack’s furious!

Amy’s not impressed when Denzel chooses the gym over her (Credit: BBC)

5. Denzel’s in trouble

Amy’s annoyed with Denzel when he chooses going to the gym over spending time with her. She lectures him about his fitness obsession and he snaps – losing his temper.

But he does feel guilty about it – for a while at least. Then he gets a text telling him his steroids are being delivered today and his row with Amy is forgotten.

Ben is adamant he’s innocent (Credit: BBC)

6. Innocent until proven guilty?

Ben is absolutely adamant he’s innocent as, at Walford police station, details of an old crime start to emerge. Back home, things are getting tense between Phil and Kathy, and eventually Phil calls Ritchie for help. But it’s not long before an argument erupts.

Lexi comes home right in the middle of the row and demands to know exactly what’s been going on. And later, when Ritchie arrives to speak to Phil, Lexi’s there too, determined to be included and wanting to know the truth.

That evening, Phil takes a call from Ben who’s got a request to make.

Things are tense with Zack and Whitney (Credit: BBC)

7. Building bridges?

Whitney and Zack are trying to get things back on track and hoping to help them out, Lauren offers to look after Britney. But it’s not long before she’s causing trouble in the Square.

And things are tense between Whit and Zack when they get home to find the cot for their new baby already made up. As Lauren and Britney arrive, Zack leaves.

Whitney and Lauren have a heart-to-heart. When Zack comes home ready to talk, can they clear the air?

Phil’s got some advice for Callum (Credit: BBC)

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8. Confrontations!

Jay and Lexi go to visit Ben, who’s still at the police station. But things aren’t plain sailing and Lexi decides she wants to leave.

Meanwhile, Callum’s struggling too, and he has a chat with his father-in-law, Phil, about what to do. Phil encourages Callum to give Ben a second chance.

But Kathy’s suspicious about what Phil’s up to and she heads to the Mitchell house to confront him.

Kat catches Denzel red-handed (Credit: BBC)

9. Truth and lies

Yolande is determined to get to the bottom of whatever’s bothering Denzel but he refuses to open up. But Yolande decides if he wants to get his parcel from her, he’s going to have to start talking!

Later, Denzel and Nugget make amends. But when Nugget talks to Yolande at the laundrette, their conversation is interrupted wen Kat spots Denzel nicking his parcel from Yolande’s bag in the cab office! Oops!

Lauren’s celebrating her 30th birthday (Credit: BBC)

10. Baby bombshells!

Lauren tells Whitney that she has to tell Zack the truth about what she’s done, but they’re interrupted by Peter and his date who are on their way to Lauren’s birthday party at The Albert.

After a chat with Chelsea, Lauren realises she’s been a bit hard on Whitney. And she’s pleased when Whit promises to tell Zack the truth.

How will Zack react?

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