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EastEnders spoilers tonight: Dean declares his love for Gina in The Vic

Dean goes public with Gina

In EastEnders spoilers tonight (Monday, January 22), Dean’s sick of hiding the fact that he’s dating Gina and makes a big display to show his affection.

In The Vic, he turns up and reveals that he and Gina have been seeing each other behind the Knight family’s back.

But, how will Gina’s family react to this huge revelation in EastEnders spoilers?

Dean causes quite the scene in The Vic (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Dean and Gina go public

Dean’s desperate for everyone to know about his relationship with Gina but she tells him that they must keep it a secret for the time being.

Failing to change Gina’s mind, Dean takes some advice from Ian. He must show his girl how serious he is about their relationship.

With this, Dean enters The Vic with some flowers. He then announces his relationship with Gina, with everyone in the pub being left reeling. But, will they just sit back and accept Gina’s new boyfriend?

Kat rejects Nish (Credit: BBC)

Nish asks Kat out on a date

Suki voices her concerns when she finds out that Nish has offered a flat to Kat on an initial rent-free basis.

Priya suggests that Nish is into Kat, with Nish proving this when he jumps in to defend Kat in the pub against Phil.

Later on, Phil warns Nish to stay away with Kat as he hopes that he can eventually win her back.

Ignoring Phil’s warning, Nish decides to move on from Suki and asks Kat out on a date.

However, Kat rejects him and tells him that she’s not ready to get back out there just yet. But, will she change her mind?

Cindy allows Anna to date Bobby (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Cindy accepts Anna and Bobby

Cindy’s not impressed when she realises that Bobby and Anna have spent the night together.

Cindy tries to change Anna’s mind about Bobby but Anna defends her boyfriend, singing his praises.

With this, Cindy realises that she must accept Bobby as her daughter’s new boyfriend.

Howie reveals is job offer to Kim (Credit: BBC)

Kim is stunned by Howie’s revelation

Kim’s left with a lot to process as Howie tells her that he’s been offered a three month stint on a cruise ship. Will he accept?

Martin leaves Walford (Credit: BBC)

Martin joins Sharon in Australia

Tonight, Martin heads to Australia after Sharon contacts him and explains that Michelle is having an operation. How long will he be away for?

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EastEnders - Dean Wicks & Gina Knight Are In A Secret Relationship | 15th January 2024

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