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David Metcalfe and Victoria Sugden make long-awaited return to Emmerdale

The loved-up couple are back at last

David Metcalfe and Victoria Sugden have returned to Emmerdale at long last!

After months off-screen in Portugal, the couple finally showed their faces back in the village on Friday, January 28.

But after everything that’s happened while they’ve been gone, not least to David‘s son Jacob, why have they been away so long?

David has finally returned (Credit: ITV)

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Where have David and Victoria been in Emmerdale?

The couple fled to Portugal after finally declaring their love for each other.

This was much to the anger of David’s then-girlfriend, Meena Jutla, who subsequently tried to murder Vic.

She was unsuccessful, but instead killed Andrea Tate after smacking her over the head and leaving her to die in the maize maze.

After all this happened, we didn’t see David and Vic on screen again.

Meena had tried to win David back in a sexy yellow dress, but was greeted by Eric, who told her Vic and David were in Portugal.

He added: “They got a call from Diane a few days ago, I think she was missing Victoria and the kids and the conversation went ‘why don’t you all come over for a spontaneous family holiday’ sort of thing.”

Emmerdale Meena looks shocked in her yellow dress at David's shop
Meena was left disappointed despite the effort she went to (Credit: ITV)

Why have David and Victoria been gone so long?

But that was back in November and we’ve been expecting them to come back any day after the news about Meena came out.

As the village reeled from the fact David’s ex was a serial killer who had murdered her friend Nadine and locals Leanna Cavanagh, Andrea Tate, and Ben Tucker, David and Victoria were still sunning themselves abroad.

At the time it was suggested they were getting on the first flight home once the news broke.

But it seems to have taken them two weeks to get on the plane!

It turns out Theo had an ear infection, which meant they couldn’t fly.

Emmerdale David worries by Victoria's bedside
The last time we saw the pair, Victoria was seriously injured in hospital (Credit: ITV)

What happened when David and Victoria returned?

“Sorry we’ve been away so long, I thought Theo’s ear infection was never going to clear up,” David told Jacob as he arrived back at the shop.

Surprisingly, after all he’s been through, Jacob was pretty forgiving and even told his dad: “You needed the break.”

David then had to make a statement to the police about Meena.

He and Victoria also announced they had big future plans.

“We want to be a proper family, me and you, the kids, Vic,” David told Jacob before revealing Victoria was moving in.

Jacob was thrilled with the news and it seems like it’s happy families – for now…

The incident also involved Ellis Chapman actor Aaron Anthony (Credit: ITV)

Why were David and Victoria written out of Emmerdale?

Reports emerged in November last year that actors Matthew Wolfenden and Isabel Hodgins had been involved in a huge bust-up on set.

The actors reportedly clashed during filming for the soap’s dramatic survival week.

According to The Sun bosses were forced to intervene over the row.

The two stars were said to be caught up in the argument as they were filming with Aaron Anthony, who plays personal trainer Ellis Chapman. Aaron has since quit the show.

The source claimed: “It left a lot of those present at the filming feeling uncomfortable. It was a very heated situation. Tempers were running very high. It was tense and bosses got to hear about what had gone on very quickly.”

It is also claimed that Matthew and Isabel took a break from filming so bosses could investigate what went on.

One insider added: “While they were on set a comment was made which unintentionally caused offence, and an argument broke out among some of the cast members. This was a massive deal for all of them and obviously everyone was under pressure to make scenes work.”

The source continued that Emmerdale takes these kind of ­allegations “very seriously”.

They claimed that Matthew and Isabel did not film scenes while “enquiries” were made.

Isabel has been absent as Victoria for some months (Credit: ITV)

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What did Emmerdale say about the row?

An Emmerdale spokeswoman said: “We would never comment on individual cases.

“Emmerdale has robust policies in place to deal with any allegations brought to our attention and take the appropriate steps.

“Neither actor has been suspended from Emmerdale.”

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