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Emmerdale confirms Noah not Amelia’s baby’s father amid mystery

Noah says he isn't the father

Emmerdale has confirmed that Noah isn’t the father of Amelia‘s child.

Last week Amelia found out she’s pregnant leaving viewers questioning who the dad could be.

But as Noah was released from prison and found out about his friend’s pregnancy, he denied being the dad.

So who could it be?

Amelia got a shock when she learnt she’s pregnant (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale confirms Noah isn’t the father

This week, Amelia booked a termination. As she had a scan, the consultant confirmed she was halfway through her second trimester and would be able to have a termination.

Amelia booked in for an abortion the next day.

In last night’s episode (Wednesday, July 27) Amelia became overwhelmed as the consultant kept asking her questions.

She told her she couldn’t tell her dad about her pregnancy as they had so much going on.

But as she became overwhelmed she ended up leaving the office.

Outside of the clinic Charity Dingle spotted Amelia crying.

Charity thought Noah was the father of Amelia’s child (Credit: ITV)

Amelia ended up confessing she’s pregnant and Charity offered to be there to support her.

Charity went in with Amelia, but when Amelia mentioned she had been visiting Noah, Charity immediately assumed he was the father.

In tonight’s scenes (Thursday, July 27) Noah returned from prison and Charity told Noah that Amelia is pregnant with his child.

But Noah told her they hadn’t slept together and Amelia looked panicked.

So who is the dad?

Emmerdale Noah Dingle returns from prison
Noah denied being the dad (Credit: ITV)

Who is the father of Amelia’s baby?

Emmerdale has not revealed who the father of Amelia’s child is, however fans have come up with different theories.

Some think Samson Dingle could be the father as he had a crush on Amelia and the two grew close a couple of months ago.

Meanwhile some thing it could be Bob Hope’s son, Heath.

It could very well be someone viewers wouldn’t expect or someone we haven’t seen on-screen yet.

Emmerdale Samson Dingle in school looking annoyed
Some think Samson may be the father (Credit: ITV)

But Amelia actress Daisy Campbell has teased there’s some stuff coming that will rally shock the audience.

Speaking to Metro she said: “I think the stuff that’s coming up will maybe shock a lot of the audience.

“I can’t give too much away but I think for Amelia this is her time to really grow up in the show.”

Who do you think the father is?

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