Emmerdale's Eric is concerned

Emmerdale: Eric is cruel for scheming against villagers, fans complain

Eric made Victoria lose her job

Recently in Emmerdale, Eric Pollard has returned back to his old ways with a recent sign of this being when he conned Kerry out of money.

He then proceeded to blackmail Jai so that Victoria would be fired from her job after she broke up with Jacob.

Emmerdale fans have now had enough of Eric’s schemes and have taken to social media to share their upset.

Eric blackmailed Jai (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Eric Pollard’s schemes

Eric, Vinny and Rodney teamed up the other month to snoop around Amit’s house after having suspicions that he’d killed Rishi. Amit was then driven out of the village thanks to Eric’s detective work.

Still being rather secretive, on Amy and Matty’s wedding day, it was revealed to viewers that Eric had teamed up with a jewellery valuer to con Kerry. He then received a huge profit from her necklace sale whilst Kerry was left with hardly anything from the sale.

Last week, Eric blackmailed Jai after finding out that Victoria had ended things with Jacob. He told Jai to fire Victoria. If he didn’t, he’d tell Suni the truth about why Amit really left the village.

Due to this, Victoria was then told that she must leave her job working at The Hide, with Suni getting a promotion.

Last night (Monday, April 22), Eric milked things even more by getting Jai and Suni to prepare everything off The Hide menu for him and Jacob. He even asked for cocktails too!

Pollard looks scared on Emmerdale
Fans don’t like this side of Eric (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans unimpressed by Eric Pollard recent behaviour

Eric loved a scheme or two back in the day but seemed to have put those days behind him until recently. With the return of the ‘old’ Eric, fans have now blasted the character for his actions.

One fan commented: “Eric is really starting to get on my wick, pathetic old man.”



Another person exclaimed: “Why have the writers turned Eric back into a nasty character?!”

A third viewer demanded: “Someone needs to chuck Eric down the stairs, back to his old tricks.”

Does Eric have any other tricks up his sleeve? (Credit: ITV)

Will Eric’s schemes come to an end?

Eric’s enjoyed conning and blackmailing people in the last month or so but could his schemes soon be cut short?

Will anyone find out what he’s been up to? Or, will he get away with even more tricks?

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