Emmerdale Cain, Moira and Faith crying

Emmerdale viewers all say the same as Faith Dingle ends her life in gut-wrenching scenes

Actress Sally Dexter was exceptional to the end

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Emmerdale tonight has left viewers in pieces following the moving death of Faith Dingle.

Fans of the soap were aware Faith’s passing was imminent but the heart-breaking scenes were overwhelming for many.

Emmerdale Cain, Moira and Faith crying
Emmerdale showed Faith awaiting her death as Cain looked on devastated (Credit: ITV)

Much praise has been heaped on the actors’ performances in the hour-long episode, particularly those of Sally Dexter, who plays tragic Faith, and Jeff Hordley, who portrays her son Cain.

The episode began with a whisper of the despair to come as Faith hinted to Moira that she was preparing to end her own life very soon.

Her daughter-in-law – the only one who knew of Faith’s suicide plans – desperately pleaded with her to change her mind.

Faith assured her she wouldn’t go ahead, but it was obvious to viewers that she was lying.

In her bedroom, the Dingle matriarch switched off her phone and took a final look at precious photographs of her loved ones, before she took the necessary steps.

Emmerdale Faith dying in bed alone
Emmerdale favourite Faith took control of her own death (Credit: ITV)

Cain arrived home and, as he went up to see her, realised what his mum had done.

Helpless and heartbroken, he could only make her comfortable as she prepared to take her final breaths.

As she died, Cain fell apart – scenes of the hard man breaking were particularly tough to take.

Tears rolled as he got on the bed with her, held her in his arms and told her he loved her.

But someone was missing – her daughter Chas.

Emmerdale Chas and Al in bed
Chas missed her mum Faith’s death as she was with Al (Credit: ITV)

She had sloped off for another sleazy session with lover, Al.

Unbeknown to her, Al switched her phone to silent so that he could have her to himself without distraction and she could spend a few hours not worrying about her mum.

So she missed the multiple frantic calls that husband Paddy had been making to her.

Chas had been devoted to her mum in recent months, so when she eventually learns the truth viewers are in store for more difficult scenes.

Before the closing credits had even rolled, viewers were sharing their sadness – and praise – on social media.

But the overriding sentiment was what a loss the character of Faith will be to the soap.

One fan said: “There will never be another character like Faith Dingle. A true #Emmerdale icon who’ll be remembered for all the right reasons.”

Another echoed their thoughts, saying: “Wish we’d have had a few more years of Faith if not longer. Such a good character, big loss for the show in my opinion.”

A third said: “Killing off the only decent character is annoying. I’m glad Cain gets to be with her at the end though.”

And one summed her up perfectly succinctly: “Goodbye Faith, you were an absolute legend!!”

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