Alex on the phone as he crosses the street in Emmerdale; inset, lying bloodied and broken in the road (Credit: ITV/Composite: Entertainment Daily)

Emmerdale viewers stunned by graphic hit-and-run scene

Viewers were taken aback by the level of violence in last night's episode

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Fans of Emmerdale were left shocked by ‘brutal’ and ‘graphic’ scenes in last night’s episode of the soap. Horrific pre-watershed moments saw Alex Moore run down in a shocking hit-and-run.

As flash-forward sequences showed Alex’s body lying bloodied and broken in the road, veiwers tried to work out what had happened. Who had run Alex down? And would he survive?

Alex lies battered and bloodied in the road on Emmerdale
Alex was hit by a car in shocking scenes from last night’s episode (Credit: ITV)

Alex run down in horrific hit and run

This came as Alex set about robbing drugs from a pharmacy van. These scenes were interspersed with visions of Alex’s future fate as victim of a hit and run.

Even though Alex’s fate had already been shown, the big moment still came as a shock to viewers. Many were taken aback by how ‘brutal’ and ‘graphic’ the collision itself was.

As Alex crossed the street, he spoke on the phone to criminal cohort Clare. As he hung up, he was hit by a passing car, leaving him bloodied and semi-conscious. A mystery figure approached, looked over Alex’s body, and then walked away.

It was then revealed that the person standing over Alex – and the man responsible – was Billy. But will Alex survive to tell the tale?

A mystery figure stands over Alex's unconscious body in Emmerdale
Alex’s mystery attacker stands over their handiwork. But who was it? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale viewers shocked by ‘brutal’ collision scenes

As the episode aired, fans took to social media to register their shock. Many branded the scenes as ‘brutal’ and ‘graphic.’

“I’ve called Emmerdale out recently, but that car accident just now was brutal! Flippin’ ‘eck!” said one shocked fan.

“Blimey that was a little graphic!” exclaimed another. “Seeing Alex being hit by that car – wasn’t expecting it to be that graphic.”

“That was really shocking what happened to Alex,” said a third. “But remember, look left and right before crossing the road!”

“Not good being hit by a car, but fair play to Emmerdale. That was good, made me jump,” said another fan.

As Alex’s life hangs in the balance, it remains unclear whether he will pull through. If he does survive, will he reveal that it was Billy who was responsible?

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Emmerdale - Billy Leaves Alex For Dead

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