Composite of Nicky and Caleb on Emmerdale, both looking shady (Credit: ITV/Composite: Entertainment Daily)

Emmerdale fans make huge prediction about Nicky and Caleb

What are Caleb and Nicky hiding?

Fans of Emmerdale have made a huge prediction about Caleb Miligan and Home Farm nanny Nicky, following last night’s episode. Could the pair be working together… or even be related?

Viewers of the soap have long speculated whether there might be more to both Nicky and Caleb than meets the eye. Their scene together in last night’s episode has led some to think that the pair might be sharing a secret.

Caleb talks to Nicky and Gabby in the kitchen on Emmerdale... Nicky bare-chested, pulls on a shirt
Caleb caught Gabby and Nicky in the act last night (Credit: ITV)

Viewers started to speculate as Nicky and Gabby started getting hot and heavy in the kitchen. Their rendezvous was interrupted by the sudden appearance of Caleb, causing both to panic.

As Gabby made excuses, viewers wondered whether Caleb and Nicky’s mystery backgrounds might be related… and even whether the pair might be related to each other.

Further evidence came in Nicky’s remark to Caleb, asking him “You’re big on trust, are you?” When questioned, Caleb immediately raised his hackles – at which Nicky backed down. This exchange left fans suspicious.

A guilty-looking Nicky and Gabby make excuses to Caleb on Emmerdale
Gabby attempted to make excuses for the situation… but why should Caleb care? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale viewers speculate on Nicky and Caleb’s shared secret

As the episode aired, fans shared their theories on social media. Some wondered whether Nicky might be Caleb’s secret son.

“I think Nicky is Caleb’s son… there won’t be no advantage to Caleb catching Nicky and Gabby together. He won’t gain anything from telling Kim. Something is amiss here with them two fellas,” said one fan.

“Nicky is Caleb’s son and they are going to blackmail Gabby,” suggested another.

Even if not a secret father and son, many thought that Nicky and Caleb could be working together in some way. But to what end?

“Nicky and Caleb are working together somehow. I’ve worked it out. I don’t know what their end goal is, but they are definitely working together,” said another suspicious viewer.

“Nicky and Caleb know each other, don’t they?” agreed another.

Both men came to the village amidst an air of mystery. Little is known about Nicky the nanny outside of his feelings for Gabby. And Caleb, estranged brother to Cain and Chas Dingle, has yet to reveal his true reasons for sticking around.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that both Nicky and Caleb are hiding something. But could they be working together – or even related to each other? And if so, what do they want from Gabby and Home Farm?

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Emmerdale - Gabby Makes A Move On Nicky

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