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Emmerdale fans think Jacob Gallagher is the father of Amelia’s child

Amelia would've got pregnant around March time

Emmerdale fans have predicted Jacob Gallagher is the father of Amelia Spencer‘s baby.

Last week Amelia found out she was pregnant leaving viewers shocked.

Fans have been questioning who the father could be, but some fans think it could be Jacob Gallagher.

Amelia is halfway through her second trimester (Credit: ITV)

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Emmerdale: Amelia’s pregnancy

Earlier this week Amelia booked in for a termination.

At the clinic she had a scan which confirmed she’s halfway through her second trimester and was able to have an abortion.

She booked an appointment for the next day and went back to the clinic.

But when she became overwhelmed with all the questions from the consultant she ended up going outside of the clinic.

Soon Charity Dingle came along and saw Amelia crying.

Amelia ended up confessing she’s pregnant and Charity offered to be her support.

When Amelia went back into the clinic, Amelia mentioned to the consultant that she has been visiting Charity’s 18-year-old son Noah in prison.

Charity immediately assumed that Noah was the father, as she knew Amelia had a crush on him before he went to prison.

Noah Dingle smiles to see Amelia in prison
Noah is not the father (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans think Jacob Gallagher is the father of Amelia’s child

In last night’s episode (Thursday, July 29) Noah was released from prison.

Charity told him about Amelia’s pregnancy and accused him of being the father.

However Noah denied that he was the father and Amelia came clean.

She told Charity that the father was a boy from church.

But fans think that 19-year-old Jacob could be the father.

Emmerdale Jacob is thrilled with Leyla's offer
Could Jacob be the dad? (Credit: ITV)

As Amelia is halfway through her second trimester, it’s thought she would’ve got pregnant around March time.

We know the Emmerdale teens had a party in the cafe around this time, which ended in tears for Amelia when Noah was horrible to her.

She left upset, but could she have gone to Jacob for comfort?

On the comment section of Entertainment Daily‘s Facebook page, fans discussed who they think the father could be.

One wrote: “I think Jacob.”

A second commented: I think it’s Jacob.”

A third said: “Maybe Jacob?”

Some fans on Twitter appear to agree.


Who is the father of Amelia’s baby?

Emmerdale has not revealed who the father of Amelia’s child is, but it’s clear Noah is not the dad.

Fans have come up with different theories about the father including that it could be Samson Dingle and Heath Hope.

Who do you think it could be?

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