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Emmerdale fans think they’ve worked out Nate Robinson’s secret

Some fans think they have unlocked Nate's naughty secret

Fans of Emmerdale think that they have worked out shady Nate Robinson’s secret following recent episodes of the soap. Last night saw Nate acting shady around dad Cain, whose suspicions were immediately aroused.

Nate on the phone in Emmerdale
Nate has been acting oddly lately (Credit: ITV)

Suspicion grows around Nate’s cagey behaviour

Nate was cagey as Moira and Cain offered to pitch in with looking after baby Frankie. As Moira questioned him, Nate grew cagey and evasive.

As Nate made his excuses and bailed, Cain and Moira registered their confusion at his behaviour. Why didn’t Nate want to spend time with them both? And where was mum Tracy?

“Well that was weird,” Cain commented as Nate fled. Later, he confronted his son, noticing how much of Frankie’s belongings Nate seemed to have packed.

And Cain wasn’t the only one thinking that Nate was acting odd – viewers shared his suspicions.

Nate and Cain talk on Emmerdale
Tonight’s episode sees Cain try to work out what Nate is up to (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Nate’s secret

Writing on Twitter as the episode aired, fans shared their theories as to why Nate was acting so oddly. Some thought that he may have actually kidnapped daughter Frankie.

“Nate has nicked Frankie,” one fan suggested.

“Hope Nate has pinched Frankie?” another wondered.

However, another prevailing theory goes that Nate could be planning to secretly marry Frankie’s mother, Tracy.

“I hope it’s Nate that Tracy’s marrying,” one fan wrote.

Has Nate kidnapped his daughter? Or is he planning a secret wedding to ex Tracy? Whatever Nate’s secret turns out to be, how will Cain react when he learns the truth?

Nate on the phone in Emmerdale
Nate makes a secretive phone call, unaware that Cain is listening in (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Cain’s suspicion grows as Nate makes a call

This storyline continues tonight as Cain’s suspicions about his son’s behaviour escalate. With Nate still acting oddly, Cain listens in as he makes a secretive phone call.

What is Nate up to? Will the viewers’ theories prove correct – has Nate stolen his daughter back from Tracy? Or is something else afoot with Nate?

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Emmerdale - Nate Is Revealed to Be Cain's Son

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