Emmerdale’s Liv beaten in prison, Vinny uncovers truth about Ben’s murder

Liv was found unconscious on the floor of her cell

Emmerdale character Liv was brutally beat up in prison, but is she dead?

Liv is in prison after being charged with the murder of Ben Tucker. However villagers have just started to learn it was Meena who killed Ben.

Liv’s ex-boyfriend Vinny was determined to prove Liv was innocent and was kidnapped and held captive by Meena.

As Vinny was tied up with Meena’s sister Manpreet, he found out it was Meena who murdered Ben.

Meena murdered Ben, but Liv was charged (Credit: ITV)

Last week, Vinny and Manpreet were found by Liam and Meena escaped the village.

In tonight’s episode (Monday, January 17) Vinny went to visit Liv in prison and she wanted to know when she was getting out of prison.

Vinny explained to her that Meena didn’t confess to him about the murders and she hadn’t confessed to the police.

Emmerdale spoilers: Liv is trapped behind bars in Emmerdale for a crime Meena committed (Credit: ITV)
Liv was beaten up by her cellmate (Credit: ITV)

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He said Manpreet is still in hospital and suffered a heart attack and hadn’t come around yet so she can’t speak to the police.

Vinny told Liv Manpreet needs to tell the police about Meena’s confession and she needs to be patient.

Liv accused Vinny of not trying his hardest and blamed him for her still being in prison.

Emmerdale: Is Liv dead?

Later in her cell, Liv was crying and her cellmate Mel tried to talk to her.

Liv asked her to get her a drink but she refused.

When Mel told her to accept she was in prison, Liv warned her to shut up. Liv grew increasingly angry and told Mel she didn’t want to speak anymore.

Mel then said: “Someone needs to learn some manners” before shutting the cell door.

Later, prison officers rushed to Liv’s cell as an alarm went off. They found her unconscious on the floor badly beaten up with her eyes swollen shut and covered in blood.

Will Liv survive?

Emmerdale, Liv Flaherty
Will Liv and Vinny get married? (Credit: ITV)

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It has not been revealed what’s next for Liv, but have pictures seemingly showing Liv and Vinny celebrating in a special way.

They can be seen hugging outside a registry office having apparently tied the knot.

The publication reports that Liv is pictured wearing a white wedding dress.

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