Emmerdale’s Jai and Laurel’s pregnancy storyline unfolds with family complexities

Laurel recently found out she's pregnant

Emmerdale has started to air Jai and Laurel’s new storyline.

In recent episodes Laurel discovered she is pregnant with boyfriend Jai’s baby. However in last night’s episodes (Monday, November 30) the couple went for their first scan.

Jai Sharma already has children and so does Laurel, find out who they are here.

Laurel and Jai are involved in a new Emmerdale storyline (Credit: BBC)

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The sonographer asked if it was their first child, to which Jai said it was his fourth child and Laurel said it was her third.

So who are Jai and Laurel’s children?

Emmerdale: How many children does Jai have?

Jai Sharma has three children. His first child is Mia Macey.

Mia’s mum is a woman called Ella Hart and her father was thought to be Declan Macey. However in 2011, Ella told Mia that Jai Sharma is actually her biological father.

Jason Merrells as Declan Macey in Emmerdale
Mia Macey and her mum Ella Hunt (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Mia was later killed in a car accident.

Jai’s second child is Archie Breckle. The little boy was conceived during a one night stand between Jai and Rachel Breckle.

Jai was married to Charity at the time and when Archie was born, Jai’s dad covered for his son saying he was Archie’s dad. But soon the truth came out.

Archie is Jai’s second child (Credit: ITV)

Rachel left the village for good in 2015 with Archie. But last year Rachel was killed in a car accident and Archie came to live with his dad full time.

Jai’s third child is Eliza Macey, who is his daughter with Megan Macey.

Eliza is Jai’s third child (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

But Megan left Emmerdale last year after the death of her boyfriend Frank. She took Eliza with her.

Who are Laurel’s children?

Laurel has two biological children and a stepdaughter Gabby, who she raised since she was young.

Laurel and Ashley Thomas first married in 2005 and Laurel became a stepmother to Gabby. As Gabby’s mum Bernice was in and out of the picture, Laurel became a mother figure to the little girl.

Gabby is Laurel’s stepdaughter. Her mum is Bernice Blackstock and dad is Ashley Thomas (Credit: ITV)

In 2007, Laurel gave birth to son Arthur. However a mix up at the hospital meant they took home Greg and Melanie Doland’s son.

Laurel named, who she thought was her son, Daniel. But at six months old, Daniel died of cot death. Later, it was revealed that Daniel was Greg and Melanie’s child and baby Arthur, was actually Laurel’s son.

Arthur Thomas Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)
Arthur is Laurel’s first biological child (Credit: ITV)

The couple were soon ordered to hand Arthur to Laurel and Ashley.

In 2016, Laurel discovered she was pregnant a few weeks after reuniting with Ashley. However Ashley was suffering with dementia.

Dotty was born in 2016. But Ashley died the following year (Credit: ITV)

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Dotty was born on September 2 2016 and her dad died when she was seven months old.

Jai and Laurel’s storyline

After the scan, the couple were told it’s possible their child has a chromosomal syndrome.

The couple were told the only way to confirm this would be if they were to take a CVS test.

In future episodes the couple will get the results of the test which tells them their child has Down’s Syndrome.

Upcoming scenes will depict the couple having deep emotional conversations. However they will make the sad decision not to proceed with the pregnancy.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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