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Emmerdale: Jamie plot leaves fans baffled by glaring error

Jamie attacked Hazel

Emmerdale fans were left baffled as Jamie left the country without his daughter Millie.

Hazel ended up in hospital after Jamie pushed her down the stairs.

She told Kim that Jamie was still alive and had fled the country, but fans have been left confused by Hazel’s story.

Kim went to see Hazel (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Kim finds out Jamie is alive

Last year Jamie faked his death after driving into a lake.

While his family and neighbours believed him to be dead, he went to live with his former mother-in-law Hazel.

After Millie’s mother and Hazel’s daughter Andrea was murdered by Meena Jutla, Hazel brought Millie to live with her and Jamie.

For nearly a year Kim has believed her son to be dead.

In last night’s episode (Wednesday, September 15) Kim was waiting for Millie and Hazel to arrive when she got a call too say Hazel was in the hospital after an accident.

Emmerdale Hazel and Millie
Millie was with Hazel at the hospital (Credit: ITV)

Hazel’s story leaves fans baffled

When Kim arrived, Hazel told her that Jamie was alive and pushed her down the stairs.

She explained that she was trying to stop Jamie from fleeing the country with Millie.

When Kim asked where he was now, Hazel had no idea.

Hazel also revealed that Jamie would rarely let her and Millie out of the house, keeping them like prisoners.

Emmerdale fans hate Jamie Tate's exit (Credit: ITV)
Jamie attacked Hazel (Credit: ITV)

Jamie had no idea that Hazel was going to take Millie to see Kim, but when Millie let it slip, Jamie was furious and told Millie to pack her bags, planning to take her abroad.

He then pushed Hazel down the stairs.

Later Millie was brought back into see Hazel by a nurse.

However viewers were left confused questioning why Jamie had fled without Millie after pushing Hazel down the stairs.

Kim took Millie home, but she was upset after overhearing her grandmother talking about Jamie.

Millie ran away but she was later found by Wendy, who Millie and Andrea use to live with.

Millie wanted to stay with her mother’s friend, but Kim wasn’t happy about it.

What will she do?

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