Emmerdale's Jay Kontzle, and in a bubble is baby Evan

Emmerdale: Jay Kontzle opens up on ‘close-to-home’ baby Evan leukaemia storyline

The star has a baby near enough the same age as Evan

Over on the ITV soap Emmerdale, Billy and Dawn’s world will soon be turned upside down with an upsetting diagnosis for baby Evan, actor Jay Kontzle discusses.

They couple will soon find out that baby Evan has leukaemia after taking him to the hospital after spotting a bruise on his leg.

Actor Jay Kontzle has now revealed the personal connection he has to the upcoming storyline.

Dawn and Billy are devastated in Emmerdale
Dawn and Billy find out some awful news (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Baby Evan’s leukaemia diagnosis

Next week in the Dales, Emmerdale spoilers have confirmed that baby Evan’s parents will receive an upsetting diagnosis.

Noticing a new bruise appear on Evan’s leg, Dawn takes him to Liam for a check over but he recommends that she takes her baby to A&E.

Dawn and Billy then wait to hear some news at the hospital as his bloods are taken. The baby then needs a bone marrow biopsy, with Billy rushing home to inform Kim and Will.

Kim and Will stand outside of the hospital room as they watch Evan’s parents break down when told that their baby has leukaemia.

This storyline will see the couple struggle to support their ill baby, financially and emotionally.

Emmerdale's Jay Kontzle is serious
Jay has a family member battling with leukaemia (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale star Jay Kontzle reveals personal connection to storyline

Speaking to Entertainment Daily! and other media, Billy Fletcher actor Jay Kontzle has opened up about two personal links to Evan’s upcoming storyline.

He currently has a family member of his own battling leukaemia. As well as this, his real-life child is close to the age of Evan; there’s only six months between them.

Opening up on the upcoming storyline, the star revealed: “At times it does really grate on you because you are really stressed about your own kids and just making sure that you’re spending enough time with them because obviously nothing’s certain, you don’t know what’s round the corner.

“I got told we were doing this story right around the time we were having a baby.”

Jay then added: “It is quite difficult to play because one you want to get it right, and two, it is really worrying to think about because then you start thinking about the people that you know are going through certain things. I’ve got a family member now who has got leukaemia and it’s quite difficult to think about at times because I know that his outcome isn’t going to be as good as the direction we’re going in.”

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