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Emmerdale: Rhona and Gus storyline needs to end immediately, fans complain

They've had enough of the battle over baby Ivy!

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Emmerdale fans are NOT impressed with the Rhona and Gus storyline continuing, branding it “boring” and begging for the back-and-forth battle to be wrapped up as soon as possible.

The pair have been locking horns for months – since Gus arrived to ask Rhona if he and wife Lucy could use their frozen embryos. Rhona said no, Gus stole them anyway, baby Ivy was born and shortly afterwards Gus’s wife Lucy died and since then it’s been chaos!

Despite Rhona being found not guilty of kidnapping the tot in last week’s episodes, the storyline has rumbled on.

Now Gus is facing jail for stealing Rhona’s passport and obtaining the frozen embryos under deception.

And Rhona’s determined to get parental responsibility for the daughter she didn’t plan but has fallen in love with.

Gus in court on Emmerdale
Gus has been behaving very badly (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Rhona v Gus

Gus keeps showing up in the village like a bad penny, moving the goalposts again and tormenting Rhona and Marlon.

While Rhona herself is moping round like a wet weekend.

Frankly, we’re not surprised the viewers are fed up with it!

There are no winners here! (Credit: ITV)

Make it stop!

Weary Emmerdale fans took to social media to voice their displeasure about the story, sharing funny gifs to show just how bored they are with the plot!

One very disgruntled viewer suggested “we draw a line under the parental responsibility and lock both Rhona and Gus up for torturing the viewers”.

In Monday’s episode, Gus arrived in the village once more and announced he wanted Rhona to take Ivy if he goes to prison.

Rhona doesn’t trust her ex, mind you, and wasn’t convinced he was being totally honest with her. But will she change her mind? Well we’re pretty sure she will!

Not impressed

Lots of fans were annoyed that after months of the story being eked out as long as possible, it looks like Rhona’s just going to end up being little Ivy’s mum after all.

“What was the point of this storyline?” asked one head-scratching fan.

“After all this Gus now wants Rhona to have baby Ivy?” said another disbelieving viewer.

And one fed-up fan simply said: “Can’t stand any more of these Rhona/Gus scenes.”

“The Rhona storyline is one of the most boring in the soap’s history,” declared one more. “I’m sick to death of Rhona,” another added.

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