Emmerdale: Sally Dexter teases a ‘return’ for Faith Dingle after her heartbreaking death

You gotta have Faith

Emmerdale recently aired the final epsiode for Faith Dingle, but star Sally Dexter has now teased a return for her character.

Sally suggested Faith may pay a visit to family and friends from beyond the grave.

Faith recently took her own life after a long-standing struggle with cancer.

She died with heartbroken son Cain at her side.

Meanwhile, daughter Chas was tortured with guilt after missing Faith‘s death to be with lover Al.

Shortly afterwards, a devastating storm struck the village.

The storm, and Faith’s death, left Emmerdale rocked in their wake. But could Faith return to Emmerdale from beyond the grave?

Emmerdale Faith dying in bed alone
Faith made the decision to take her own life, ending her cancer struggle on her own terms (Credit: ITV)

Sally Dexter teases Emmerdale Faith return

Sally Dexter, who played Faith since 2017, suggested that Faith might yet return to Emmerdale.

Speaking to The Sun, Dexter teased that she could comeback as a ghost.

“I would have no objection to Faith reincarnating,” she said.

Faith would not be the first character to return from beyond the grave as a Christmas ghost.

Emmerdale Cain, Moira and Faith crying
Cain was left heartbroken as Faith died in his arms (Credit: ITV)

Paranormal activity in Emmerdale

Valerie Pollard appeared in a dream to Robert Sugden, in scenes which aired at Christmas 2017.

Before that, she had shown up as a ghost to bid farewell to husband Eric, after her death.

Earlier than that, a vision of Tricia Dingle appeared in front of Marlon, to encourage him to let go, as she lay dying in a coma.

Faith may have died on the show, but there is room yet for her return.

Cain and Faith Dingle on a fake beach
Could Faith return as a ghost to provide comfort for her family and friends? (Credit: ITV)

Sally Dexter reflects on her time in the soap

Continuing to speak to The Sun, Dexter reflected on the Emmerdale Faith cancer storyline.

“In a way, you see a pressure and as much as you want to do it justice, because for that very reason, it’s real. It matters we do it right. And I hope we did justice to it.

“And yes, it was hard and it was knowing that there’s people watching it and going through it and we’re sitting next to somebody who’s going through it. Yeah, as I say, it was very important.”

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Emmerdale - Faith Passes Away in Cain's Arms

Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

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